The Chain of Survival in first aid

Persona ejerciendo Cadena de Supervivéncia en primeros Auxilios

What is a Chain of Survival in first aid? The Chain of Survival refers to a series of steps to follow when faced with a victim who is suffering from a health emergency situation, such as a heart attack or cardiorespiratory arrest. The application of this series of actions is also called Basic Life Support … Read more

Tips for a safe San Juan festival

Unfortunately, firecracker accidents are repeated every year. With a view to the San Juan festival, we tell you the Civil Protection tips for handling firecrackers and an introduction to first aid in the event of an accident. The Interior Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia has posted in its web a series of tips and … Read more

The importance of first aid

We are not aware of the importance of having knowledge of first aid in an emergency situation. Knowing how to react at an unexpected moment can help save lives. First aid is the first actions and sanitary measures carried out by non-expert personnel who will receive an injured or sick person, and who will subsequently … Read more