Smoking is also associated with cardiovascular disease

Today we know that smoking damages our body and decreases our health. The main disease associated with smoking is cancer, but there are many other diseases such as cardiovascular disease , osteoporosis or asthma. This is because the toxic substances in cigarettes damage the arteries and increase the chances of blood clots. In addition, the work of the heart is made more difficult because blood pressure increases due to nicotine.

In the same way, if there are people in our environment who are smokers, it also hurts us. Being a passive smoker and breathing tobacco smoke is just as bad as smoking, since in the smoke there are many chemicals that are harmful to our body such as ammonia, arsenic or nickel.

The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and will be appreciated by both our bodies and the people who are by our side every day. The most important are: heart rate and pressure are normalized, blood circulation improves and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.

Therefore, it is important to abandon this bad habit, not only because it increases the risk of suffering from diseases and worsens the health of our heart, but also because we expose the people around us to this risk.

From Neosalus we are committed to healthy habits to have better cardiovascular health and thus be able to avoid incidents related to our heart