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maintenance of your equipment

Our maintenances are aimed at guaranteeing an optimal state of the equipment permanently: 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Why is maintenance on a defibrillator so important? As it is a machine that is not used on a regular basis, it must always be in perfect condition for when it is needed, remember that an emergency of this type does not warn. The control and monitoring of the machine is key, therefore, we offer several maintenance options adapting to your needs.

It is important to bear in mind that the maintenance service is mandatory according to regional legislation and at the state level, the owner of the equipment is obliged to keep it in good condition for optimal use.


All our equipment incorporates a connectivity service to guarantee the best operation and correct maintenance, sustained over time. Our connectivity service offers monitoring of the real status of the equipment as well as total control of what is happening. Your equipment controlled all the time.


This is the traditional mode, which is based on checking or reviewing the correct operation of consumables, acoustic and light signals, on and off buttons, correct battery status and memory capacity, among others.
Introduction of the equipment and locations in the application CardionLive®
Incorporation of the Forward Hearts program (subject to manufacturer’s conditions)
Review PLUS
Unlimited replacement of battery / electrodes Adult
Software updates
Inclusion of equipment in software CardionLive®
Warranty management
Express replacement kit
Report after use
Review (anchoring the showcase or support, opening and alarm system)
Changing batteries and vinyls
Civil Liability Insurance
Changes in cardioprotected space signaling®
Changes in cardioprotected space signaling®
Telephone service

L-V 9-14 h.

24 h.

24 h.

Response time

24-48 h.

12-24 h.

6-12 h.



Cardionlive is the software to manage defibrillator equipment, its consumables and revisions that guarantees traceability. In addition, it offers remote control of all defibrillators found on public roads. Cardionlive is the first electronic solution to monitor equipment status in real time and generate automatic calls and notifications for any type of incident. Easily locate the closest defibrillators and receive emergency alerts. Saving lives is in your hands.