They promote the delivery of packages with drones in Lleida

Neosalus, together with the Lleida Drone association, are participating in the project that wants to promote the delivery of packages with drones in Lleida. For some time now they have been considering the possibility of bringing defibrillators closer together in case of need using these unmanned aerial vehicles and now they want to attack the delivery of packages. Today, it is not legally possible, but it is an option for the future to take into account.

You can read the entire news in the Segre newspaper of September 10, 2015:

The Lleida Drone association, located in the Gardeny Science Park, has developed computer software to allow the delivery of packages weighing up to two kilos directly to the final consumer using these unmanned aerial vehicles, drones. The project is an evolution of the development that was made for the transport of defibrillators in cases of medical emergencies, but applied to the delivery of packages (reinforcing the restraint system), an option that the e-commerce multinational Amazon has long since study. “It is about replacing cars and using drones in the last section of the distribution. It is something that makes perfect sense, especially in rural environments where there is less distribution capacity. It is a bet for the future, because it is not only about having the technology but that the legislation allows it, something that is not possible now, “explained Andreu Ibáñez, promoter of Lleida Drone.