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Our public access defibrillators are a guarantee of durability, reliability and maintenance at an affordable price. We adapt all our products and services to the needs of each client, always offering the most appropriate solution. Neosalus is an authorized distributor of HeartSine® Technologies Samaritan ® public access defibrillators.
The Samaritan® public access defibrillators from HeartSine® Technologies, of which we are authorized distributors, are high-quality equipment with great features. Small and light format, very intuitive operation that facilitates its use, totally safe system for the patient since it does not discharge if the patient does not need it.
Your equipment permanently controlled with our connectivity service that offers real-time monitoring and correct operation.
Our equipment incorporates an innovative approach in terms of optimization and savings, since they combine equipment maintenance by jointly incorporating electrodes and batteries in a single device, the Pad Pack.
Each space and cardioprotected area has specific specifications and needs and therefore, we adapt to the maximum by offering resistance, quality and protection for the internal defibrillator equipment.
Nagi allows you to swim safely thanks to its digital system that connects swimmers with lifeguards. For the swimmer it is an authentic experience when it comes to playing sports. And for the lifeguard it is an important safety tool to know at all times that bathers are safe.

LifeVac is an emergency kit designed to act quickly in the event of a choking. Through suction, the device releases an obstruction in the victim’s airway when the choking protocol has been unsuccessfully followed.

Beaty helps you perform effective chest compressions by providing audible prompts upon reaching a depth of 5cm, which is optimal depth to improve survival rates and which can be difficult to assess if feedback devices are not used.