How to maintain your defibrillator?

Why is the maintenance of my equipment important?


Carrying out a continuous maintenance of the state of the defibrillators will allow their optimal result at the time they are going to be used. It is important to bear in mind that this type of machinery is not used on a regular basis, so it is advisable to always have it in perfect condition for when its use is required.


The situations that arise will be of a maximum emergency, hence the importance of their ready state. We can find different maintenance plans that suit the different needs that your company may have. Depending on the number of teams contracted and the name of people who are under the cardioprotected space , the contracting of some plans or others may be shuffled.


It is important to highlight the obligation to have the maintenance service contracted; According to regional and state laws, it is the owner of the equipment who is obliged to keep it in good condition for optimal use.


What types of defibrillator maintenance are there?

maintenance is a decisive factor for the correct operation of any cardioprotection equipment. It is something that should not be neglected, since in the long term it can save us time and money, thanks to this, major problems that arise due to the neglect of its optimization can be avoided.

There are different types of maintenance: preventive and corrective, let’s see the differences.


Preventive defibrillator maintenance

This type of maintenance is the one that focuses on ensuring the good condition of the equipment based on a continuous work plan and thus avoiding breakdowns. This maintenance is the most efficient to guarantee the good condition of the equipment in the long term and at the lowest cost.

Its main objective is to avoid major breakdowns that entail a higher cost for the company and cause the machine to be left out of use for an unplanned time.

What does this type of maintenance include?


  • Check locations of equipment
  • Check the status of the electrodes
  • Check that the battery status is correct
  • Open computers and make them work with a simulator
  • Updating your programming if necessary


Corrective defibrillator maintenance

 Corrective maintenance are those that lead to solving a specific failure or breakdown that has occurred in the equipment. Solving the fault and repairing the machinery would be the main operating condition. When routine checks have not been performed properly, these types of mechanical problems may begin to appear.

Normally the cost of corrective maintenance is higher than preventive , so it is recommended to hire routine maintenance plans that guarantee the optimal condition of our equipment.


What should defibrillator maintenance plans include?

 There are different maintenance plans , the characteristics of the equipment will depend on them. For example: including the review of the connectivity of those equipment that can be monitored in real time will be very important, on the other hand, other equipment that is not connected will require another type of service included in the plan.

An effective and profitable maintenance plan should include the following services in your rate:


Incident management and maintenance

This defibrillator maintenance plan should include 24-hour telephone assistance that guarantees prompt attention with the maintenance service at any time of the day that is required.

Another key element is that the maintenance plan offers replacement equipment in the event that the breakdown requires a period of time in which the defibrillator cannot be used, thanks to this it will be possible to offer a cardioprotected space at all times.


Notices and notifications

Carrying out continuous monitoring of the equipment through applications allows you to manage the equipment remotely as well as guaranteeing traceability.

That the fee also includes maintenance on whether notifications are received notifications correctly both by mail, by application or by call, guarantees a continuous connection between the equipment and the company.


At Neosalus , we want to offer you the best maintenance plans to guarantee the best performance of your equipment. If you still do not know all the rates that can be adapted to your needs, you can visit our website by click here or call us at 900 52 56 78.