LifeVac is a revolutionary first aid kit

LifeVac is a suction device developed to release an obstruction in the victim’s airway when the standard choking protocol has been unsuccessfully followed. The duration of the suction is minimal, acting in seconds, which makes LifeVac safe and effective.

The LifeVac device is lightweight, takes up very little space, and does not require a power source. This makes it an ideal equipment to keep in a medicine cabinet, closet or carry it with you and always have it close to be able to use it immediately.

Successfully tested

It has already saved lives in Spain and in other countries

Risk free

It does not enter the body so it does not harm the victim

Valid for children and adults

It includes 2 adult masks and a pediatric one so it fits virtually any potential victim.

Easy handling

No specific skill or training is required, it can be used by a child or on oneself.

Widespread use

It can be used with pregnant women, the obese, the elderly and people in wheelchairs in whom the Heimlich Maneuver may be contraindicated or ineffective.

Works in seconds

It is quick and easy to use, releasing the obstruction immediately.

Includes 3 masks