LifeVac: the basic device in first aid

The revolutionary LifeVac device has become an essential accessory in any medicine cabinet . This first aid kit is designed so that anyone can act quickly in choking emergencies .

It should be remembered that reaction time in these situations is vital, since it is necessary to act as quickly as possible to avoid brain damage and, in the worst case, death by suffocation. Thanks to the suction force, the LifeVac manages to act in seconds, immediately releasing the obstruction in the victim’s airway.

How LifeVac works and what benefits it offers

LifeVac works by suction and is completely safe to use. Through the suction force, a negative pressure is generated that is three times higher than that of the Heimlich maneuver , managing to remove any obstruction in the tracks. This suction has a minimum duration, so does not pose any risk to the victim .

It is best to use it as a complement to the Heimlich Maneuver or as a substitute in cases where the maneuver is ineffective. For example, in obese people, the elderly, people in wheelchairs or pregnant women.

These are some of the advantages of the LifeVac:

  • It is safe and very easy to use . Anyone can use it, since it does not require any special knowledge nor is it necessary to know how to apply abdominal compression.
  • It is a non-invasive emergency device and does not contain any element that could cause damage to the victim’s mouth.
  • Suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and even children. The device includes three interchangeable masks, two masks for adults and one for pediatric.
  • It hardly needs maintenance. You just have to renew the masks every 3 years .

Success stories with LifeVac

The effectiveness of the LifeVac has been proven several times. But one of the first lives that this device saved in our country was in the La Roda Parkinson’s Association, in Albacete. The first reaction was to practice the Heimlich Maneuver, but this was carried out without success, so it was decided to resort to the LifeVac with which it was possible to save the life of the victim.

The use of this device is above all recommended in public spaces or with a certain influx of people. And given its high success rate, the LifeVac is already present in numerous medical centers, ambulances, schools, school canteens, restaurants, and even hotels.

Of course, we must not forget that it is a device with a single-use prescription . The main reason is to avoid cross contamination problems.