Cardiovascular health in athletes

If you are an athlete, you should know that medical check-ups are the guarantee that our body can meet the demands and rhythm of the sport we practice. Be it stress tests, biomechanical studies, physiotherapeutic recovery treatments, physical rehabilitation, etc. For people who do not dedicate themselves professionally or not so regularly, there is a growing collective awareness of the importance of having periodic medical examinations to assess their health. However, there are many athletes and people who practice sports who have never undergone a cardiological examination, thus putting their health at risk without knowing it.

What is a basic cardiology study?

It consists of a physical examination and an electrocardiogram that will detect potentially serious cardiac alterations that significantly reduce episodes of sudden death. Even so, there is the possibility that heart disease is not detected in a basic study, and that it can have fatal consequences.

For this reason, it is important to perform a cardio-magnetic resonance imaging (MRC), which allows studying the function and structure of the heart in a single examination, allowing the essential study sequences to be grouped in a single test to detect pathologies that can cause sudden death. . Cardiological examinations are totally safe and very easy to perform, especially for athletes, since they allow diagnosing cardiological conditions and prevent them from worsening and can have serious consequences.

At Neosalus we are committed to a healthy cardiovascular health to avoid accidents, and that in front of an accident of this type we know how to react and how to act to save the life of the victim.