The importance of first aid

We are not aware of the importance of having knowledge of first aid in an emergency situation. Knowing how to react at an unexpected moment can help save lives.

First aid is the first actions and sanitary measures carried out by non-expert personnel who will receive an injured or sick person, and who will subsequently be treated by healthcare personnel. The first health response we make can be vital.

The main purpose of these is to be able to save life at first before healthcare professional help arrives. We have to try to minimize the damage, ensuring that there are the least possible consequences for the injured. The main task is not only to make the first cures, but also to provide psychological attention to the victim and his companions.

The need to act quickly and in the proper way can only be done if we have knowledge of first aid. That is why it is so important to know how to react and what we have to do. A bad practice can be very damaging for the victim, causing more damage and the consequences even worse. For this reason, we always say in our formations that when in doubt, do not become the hero.

The first steps to take are to protect the injured person. In the event of encountering a dangerous situation such as in the middle of the road, signal the accident at all times to avoid further damage. Next, we will quickly notify 112 to be able to receive health support as soon as possible and finally, we will come to help the victim.

At Neosalus we are aware of the importance of first aid and therefore we offer various training courses with the intention of knowing how it works and how to react in the event of an emergency situation. We trust that every day we can all learn together to save lives. Remember that saving a life is in your hands!