El Sitjar de Liñola school gets a free defibrillator

The El Sitjar school in Liño has obtained the defibrillator thanks to its participation in the Cardiofree program. With this crowdfunding program it is possible to obtain, through the sale of solidarity bracelets, the money necessary for a defibrillator, its maintenance and the necessary training to use it.

Thanks to the involvement of the school children, parents and teachers, they have been able to sell the 1,000 bracelets needed per defibrillator, its installation, comprehensive maintenance for 4 years, an initial training and a recycling course.

The mayor of Liñola thanks all the residents of Liñola for their participation in the project and highlights the success of the solidarity initiatives for the population thanks to the participatory spirit they have.

If you are interested in participating in the program and getting a free defibrillator for your educational or sports center, click here and you will be able to obtain all the information .


Source: territoris.cat