Noise and air pollution can lead to cardiovascular disease

There are several risk factors that influence a person’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease . Among them are other diseases such as cholesterol or obesity, in addition to smoking or stress.

Many times, the effects that stress causes on people’s health are not taken into account, specifically, on how it affects cardiovascular health. But the truth is that both stress and anxiety affect our hearts. We can suffer stress for many reasons, although one of the most common today and, especially in cities, is stress generated by noise or noise pollution . These noises are derived from vehicle traffic, works and constructions, music and human noises in general. Noise is a stressor that alters the body at the cellular level and contributes to the development of other risk factors characteristic of cardiovascular diseases.

Added to all this is air pollution . Part of this pollution is caused by emissions generated by means of transport, but there are other factors such as industrial products or the use of chemical products. Air pollution, especially in large cities, contributes to the development of respiratory diseases such as asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

If you are under stress, your risk of cardiac arrest is higher. For this reason, from Neosalus we recommend carrying out activities to reduce stress and take care of the heart, as well as practicing physical activity regularly. And for people who live in a big city, parks are also a good place to breathe some fresh air and relax.