Stress, the great enemy of our heart

Do you suffer from stress?

Stress is caused by a set of situations and how our body perceives it, thus causing nervousness in the person and causing psychological or psychosomatic reactions. This disease produces hyperactivity in the amygdala, the one in charge of responding to the threats received.

Did you know that during the two hours after suffering an emotional alteration, the possibility of suffering a cardiac arrest is higher? The amygdala, which affects cardiac arrest, is related to the process of emotions. Stress causes an acceleration in our breathing, increases blood pressure, muscles tense and the mind increases its work rate. The level of these is also related to the level of white balloons, since these facilitate the appearance of diseases in our body.

At Neosalus we work to protect the entire territory and ensure that everyone has a defibrillator at hand in case of cardiac emergency, either in a public and / or private facility or on the street.

Apart from stress, do you suffer from any heart disease? The risk of cardiac arrest is higher. To try to reduce stress and avoid cardiac arrest, it is advisable to do sports regularly, spend time outdoors, perform activities that help you relax and sleep. A balanced diet will help us maintain cardiovascular health as well as minimize the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and sugar as much as possible.

Take care of your heart, keep stress well away.