Esparreguera becomes a cardioprotected city

The installation of 9 defibrillators in different parts of the city of Esparreguera, makes it a new cardioprotected city.

The Esparreguera City Council has installed 9 defibrillators in different municipal facilities of the city. The installation of defibrillators, together with training in the use of them for different municipal workers and citizens, have allowed Esparreguera to become a new cardioprotected city. The presentation of the cardioprotection program took place on July 7 where different practical sessions were held on the use of defibrillators with the citizens present in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

You can find the defibrillators in the following locations:

External Defibrillators:

  • Can Pasqual Indoor Pool
  • Sport’s zone. Soccer field / tennis courts
  • Town Hall

Indoor Defibrillators:

  • Residence of Can Comelles
  • Ateneo Library
  • Social Services
  • Sports Hall

And two mobile defibrillators in police vehicles