The importance of working in a cardioprotected space

We spend a large part of our time working. There are millions of tasks to perform in a multitude of different jobs, without forgetting that work stress among male and female workers is increasing, as is sedentary lifestyle related to work activity, unbridled hours, coordinated jobs, insufficient rest and the hours in front of the computer.

All of this can cause a cardiovascular attack. And it is that this type of accident is one of the first in the list of work accidents that can occur in a workplace, along with a stroke. Although prevention is key, we must also bet on having a cardioprotected space and being able to act in the event that any of these accidents develop.

Work in a cardioprotected space

Currently, the regional laws leave a lot of margin between one and the other with respect to the obligatory nature of the installation of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in workplaces. Autonomous Communities such as Aragón, Extremadura and Madrid require a DEA in work centers that house at least 250 workers.

Many companies, however, choose to install an AED even without being obliged to do so. Having an AED on hand can save a person’s life. Training personnel to know how to handle an AED and act while the ambulance arrives saves lives.

At Neosalus we will never tire of recommending you to bet on a protected space. Our publicly accessible defibrillators are guaranteed durability, reliability and maintenance at an affordable price. We adapt all our products and services to the needs of each client, always offering the most appropriate solution. In addition, all our equipment incorporates a connectivity service to guarantee the best operation and correct maintenance, sustained over time.

Tu espacio cardioprotegido