The importance of having a cardioprotected space in your company

Why have a cardioprotected space

Nowadays, more and more companies prioritize the health of their workers and create cardioprotected spaces both in work areas and in common areas of the company.

Including this decision within the company’s policies will help reduce the high numbers of workplace accidents that can be contracted by cardiovascular diseases. It will also help to improve labor relations between workers with the company by knowing that it looks after their interests and is committed to their job security.

We think that cardiovascular diseases only affect older people and nothing is further from the truth. These diseases can occur suddenly and without any prognosis prior to their appearance, since they are considered non-traumatic pathologies.

Any person without any prior pathology apparently in good health can suddenly suffer cardiovascular disease in the work environment.

How should we proceed

Taking action during the first eight minutes is vitally important to save the patient. If we are faced with these occupational accidents, not acting immediately can cause the death of the person who is suffering a cardiorespiratory event.

Receiving care during this first period of time is of vital importance in order to preserve the survival of the patient, it must be taken into account that each minute that passes we reduce the possibility of survival by 10%.

Social responsability

There is no regulation that requires companies to install tools to guarantee cardioprotected spaces within work environments. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the company to guarantee protection of the health of its employees.

Sudden death occurs every 20 minutes in Spain and few people have the knowledge to act in this situation by applying life support maneuvers. For this reason, creating cardioprotected spaces by installing defibrillators within work areas can increase the survival of affected people in 75% of cases.

The Corporate Social Responsibility actions can also be a task to be highlighted within the Social Responsibility Plan within the company.

Aspects to consider before choosing your equipment

Defibrillators installed in cardioprotected spaces, offer safety and protection to those who may suffer a cardiorespiratory arrest. However, in order to offer the maximum guarantee regarding its correct operation, certain requirements must be met regarding its installation and use: 


The connectivity of these devices is essential, so they must offer an immediate communication module with the medical emergency services, thus guaranteeing a direct connection at any time of the day.

It is also important to highlight the incorporation of a geolocation system of the equipment in order to be able to find these cardioprotected spaces in an emergency situation.

The notification system after the event must be one of the essential requirements for its installation, for this reason the equipment has the service of generating reports after the use of the device. In this way, the interventions that have been carried out are recorded.

Offering autonomous equipment that can be placed in any space without requiring an electrical installation for its operation is the key to success for these medical equipment.


The best system to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment in real time is to continuously monitor the equipment. Otherwise, a permanent equipment optimization could not be offered. As it is not a device that is used on a regular basis, it must always be kept in perfect condition when you want to use it, which is why its control and monitoring is key so that they are ready in any case of emergency.

The maintenance requirements of these cardioprotected spaces depend on the autonomous community in which it is installed and the owner will be responsible for providing these services to the devices. From Neosalus we want to help you make your company a cardioprotected space and can be prepared for any emergency situation. If you want to know all our services visit our website or call 900 52 56 78.