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Cardioprotection Neosalus

Neosalus was born as a project to save lives against sudden death, we want to be a cardiac lifesaver for any human being.


neosalus cardiac lifeguard

Our mission to save lives

The cardiac lifeguard is the sum of DEA equipment and BLS training that begins in schools with practical courses in CPR maneuvers.


cardioprotegidos spaces

Experts in spaces cardioprotegidos

Cardioprotected spaces company with certification, regulatory compliance, installation, comprehensive cardioprotection.



Neosalus your heart lifeline

Our mission as a company dedicated to the cardioprotection of spaces is to save lives by ensuring the chain of survivalFor us it is very important to make the entire population aware of the vital importance of having a cardiac rescue point and being trained in CPR techniques and use of the AED, we want to be your cardiac lifeguard.
At Neosalus we save lives and we do it sustainably while respecting the environment, Neosalus as a cardiac lifeguard committed to life and ecology, we promote the circular economy by recycling components, repairing and developing technologies with which to reduce the carbon footprint of cardioprotection, creating fewer trips due to ineffective maintenance and incidents with better control of the equipment and better service. We reduce the carbon footprint of the cardioprotection of thousands of companies in Spain.

Cardioprotection of spaces

Our comprehensive cardioprotection service with the installation of cardiac rescue points, defibrillator maintenance, spare parts, BLS course and use of the defibrillator.

Neosalus offices

Neosalus offices in Spain, we offer services to all the autonomous communities, we are a defibrillator and training company authorized by the health departments.

connected defibrillators


Intelligent maintenance with connected AED and AED defibrillators, is to be sure of the perfect condition of your AED equipment and maintenance traceability at all times, with all 3G / 4G connected defibrillators a maintenance plan is included with all patch replacements electrodes and battery, either due to their use or due to their expiration. A maintenance plan with which to comply with the regulations of your autonomous community.
Supervision of the AED defibrillator in real time, anywhere, with the option for spaces without electrical installation and batteries with a duration of 4 years. For climate control of the defibrillator, Neocontrol provides the Neoclima option to keep the AED temperature stable.

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