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Neosalus was born as a project to save lives against sudden death, we want to be a cardiac lifesaver for any human being.

Our mission to save lives

neosalus cardiac lifeguard

The cardiac lifeguard is the sum of DEA equipment and BLS training that begins in schools with practical courses in CPR maneuvers.
First Aid Courses

Experts in spaces cardioprotegidos

cardioprotegidos spaces

Cardioprotected spaces company with certification, regulatory compliance, installation, comprehensive cardioprotection.

Know-how Neosalus your heart lifeline

Our mission as a company dedicated to the cardioprotection of spaces is to save lives by ensuring the chain of survivalFor us it is very important to make the entire population aware of the vital importance of having a cardiac rescue point and being trained in CPR techniques and use of the AED, we want to be your cardiac lifeguard.
At Neosalus we save lives and we do it sustainably while respecting the environment, Neosalus as a cardiac lifeguard committed to life and ecology, we promote the circular economy by recycling components, repairing and developing technologies with which to reduce the carbon footprint of cardioprotection, creating fewer trips due to ineffective maintenance and incidents with better control of the equipment and better service. We reduce the carbon footprint of the cardioprotection of thousands of companies in Spain.

Cardioprotection of spaces

Our comprehensive cardioprotection service with the installation of cardiac rescue points, defibrillator maintenance, spare parts, BLS course and use of the defibrillator.

comprehensive cardioprotection

Comprehensive cardioprotection of spaces consists of a set of equipment, services and training for the use of the defibrillator. Comprehensive cardioprotection includes maintenance of DEA or DESA equipment so that it is always in perfect condition for use.

Training in Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator by the people who work or live in that space or building is another key point for cardio ensuring a space in the event of an episode of cardiorespiratory arrest in an effective way.

Our comprehensive cardioprotection service includes registration procedures, compliance with regulations on automatic and semi-automatic external defibrillators, expiration control of electrode patches and batteries, replacements due to expiration or use, regulatory adaptations, insurance of civil liability.

Defibrillator & accessories

Neosalus is an official distributor of HeartSine defibrillators, although we have all the brands and models of DEA & DESA defibrillators on the market, our recommendation is due to the technical characteristics of the defibrillator equipment and a better price compared to the competition without compromising the highest quality .

The Samaritan PAD defibrillator equipment thanks to the visual and auditory messages emitted by the defibrillator, the user will be guided throughout the process. In addition, the CPR assistant that incorporates the defibrillator allows to evaluate the effectiveness of CPR in real time and indicates to the user if chest compressions are being performed correctly.

AED defibrillator maintenance

Our intelligent defibrillator maintenance services ensure the perfect functioning of your defibrillator equipment 365 days a year, a maintenance service integrated into our defibrillator rental or leasing.

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any time, and it is for this reason that keeping and maintaining defibrillator equipment in perfect condition is of vital importance.

The maintenance of AED defibrillators is mandatory, and there are penalties for lack of maintenance. Our Neocontrol is a device developed by Neosalus with which to monitor the status of all defibrillators in real time with our Cardionlive app.

Training in CPR and AED use

First aid training in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest is the most effective way to deal with an episode of sudden death, having previously learned the concepts and maneuvers of CPR, the chances of survival of the victim increase.

Our courses on the use of the defibrillator and the practice of CPR resuscitation maneuvers are given on-site at our clients' facilities, training all company workers in Basic Life Support and the use of the AED.

Neosalus offices

Neosalus offices in Spain, we offer services to all the autonomous communities, we are a defibrillator and training company authorized by the health departments.

Neosalus Madrid

At Neosalus Madrid we offer cardioprotection services to the entire Community of Madrid, we install defibrillators, perform...
Gencat defibrillators

Neosalus Catalonia

At Neosalus Catalunya we offer cardioprotection services to the whole of Catalonia: we install defibrillators, perform maintenance on...
DEA defibrillator company in Andalusia

Neosalus Andalusia

At Neosalus Andalucía we offer cardioprotection services throughout Andalusia: we install defibrillators, we maintain...
DEA defibrillator company in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón

Neosalus Valencia

At Neosalus C. Valenciana we offer cardioprotection services to the entire C. Valenciana: we install defibrillators, perform...
DEA defibrillator company in Aragon

Neosalus Aragon

At Neosalus Aragón we offer cardioprotection services to the entire community of Aragón: installation of defibrillators,...

AED Defibrillator Monitoring connected defibrillators

Intelligent maintenance with connected AED and AED defibrillators, is to be sure of the perfect condition of your AED equipment and maintenance traceability at all times, with all 3G / 4G connected defibrillators a maintenance plan is included with all patch replacements electrodes and battery, either due to their use or due to their expiration. A maintenance plan with which to comply with the regulations of your autonomous community.


Supervision of the AED defibrillator in real time, anywhere, with the option for spaces without electrical installation and batteries with a duration of 4 years. For climate control of the defibrillator, Neocontrol provides the Neoclima option to keep the AED temperature stable.

Neosalus Communication

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Cardioprotection company experts in cardioprotected spaces with defibrillator installation services, maintenance and repair of AED equipment. Certified first aid academy with Basic Life Support courses and use of the defibrillator, 100% subsidized training.

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