SAT technical service for DEA DESA defibrillators

Repair of DEA defibrillators all brands

DEA DESA defibrillator technical service

AED defibrillator technical service


At Neosalus we have the official HeartSine technical service for Samaritan PAD defibrillator equipment, we carry out repairs, defibrillator updates and process manufacturer guarantees.

Our authorized technical service for the repair of DEA DESA defibrillators of all brands on the market, we repair your defibrillator equipment urgently and professionally, your defibrillator equipment always in the best conditions of use.

In our technical service we repair defibrillators with electrical breakdowns, blows and cracks in the protective casing. Superficial damage and damage that require repair in the technical service may appear from use.


Repair of defibrillators with original spare parts


All our repairs are carried out with original spare parts from each defibrillator manufacturer, original spare parts guarantee the perfect functioning of the defibrillator equipment.

Repair of defibrillators with original spare parts, all our repairs by the technical service are carried out with materials and original HeartSine spare parts, a guarantee of the quality of the replaced component.

We carry out repairs with battery changes and firmware update of the equipment with the latest improvements of each defibrillator according to the manufacturer. We repair defibrillators for companies and individuals with our own equipment.

We have a renewal plan for obsolete or faulty cardioprotection equipment that exceeds the market value of the defibrillator, with monthly formulas and comfortable all-inclusive fees.

For any incident we have technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days

24h technical service     +34 646 20 26 16

24h technical assistance +34 902 02 72 76

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