DEA DESA defibrillator installer

Installation of defibrillators and cardiac rescue points throughout Spain

DEA defibrillator installer throughout Spain

DEA DESA defibrillator installer

Neosalus defibrillator installation company authorized in all the autonomous communities of Spain, we carry out defibrillator installations and cardiac rescue points according to the regulations of each community.

The cardioprotection of spaces requires a correct installation and signaling of the installed defibrillators, the location where to install the AED defibrillators requires a situation study to reduce the location and use times of the AED in the event of a cardiac arrest incident; a rapid localization response and early resuscitation in a PCR are decisive for the survival of the victim.

Our team of professional installers carries out the installation work of cardiac rescue points in outdoor and indoor spaces, selecting the best location for the defibrillators outdoors, all with an analysis of the weather and meteorological records to be able to withstand humidity. ambient and location temperatures.


DEA cardiac rescue points installer 


We are an authorized defibrillator installer throughout Spain; we assemble showcases and cardioprotection devices for cardiac rescue points. installers of connected defibrillators with IP67 protection against impacts and waterproof against dust, water or dirt.

We carry out installations of temperature control systems for defibrillators with 5G / 4G connectivity for AED supervision in real time.

In installers of cardiac rescue points with a totem, the premise is to increase the visibility of the location of the defibrillator for its rapid location, This is one of the most used options to cardioprotect companies, municipalities, communities, sports facilities, educational centers, logistics centers, shopping centers and universities, a double protection and signaling function. 


DEA and DESA defibrillator installer throughout Spain


Neosalus, as experts in DEA and DESA defibrillators, install DEA equipment in company buildings, residential buildings, sports facilities, outdoor spaces, municipalities and cities, airports, Metro and bus stations, neighborhood communities, individuals, leisure, restaurants, homes, pharmacies, etc.


Defibrillator installation company throughout Spain


At Neosalus, as a company specialized in the installation of cardioprotection equipment, we offer services of installing purchasing equipment and AED DESA defibrillators for rent all included.

We carry out installations of renting defibrillators with which to permanently cardioprotect buildings, campsites, companies, schools, municipalities, sports centers, dental clinics, shopping centers, residences, hotels, beaches, commercial premises, etc.

When a company or entity needs to install an external defibrillator, all they have to do is contact us and provide a free estimate, our team of cardioprotection installers will take care of everything necessary to cardioprotect your facilities in the fastest way. 

Once we select the best locations for the prompt location of the defibrillators and have an effective response to an episode of sudden death, we correctly mark the place of the defibrillator equipment within the established perimeter using DEA signage.

The key point in a facility is the location of the defibrillator or defibrillators, finding the correct place and how to place it so that its location is easy to locate from anywhere in the facility or space.

Before starting the installation of a cardiac rescue point, we must analyze the space to be cardioprotected, our technical team of installers will analyze all the distances and travel times between the different points of the perimeter, in order to choose the best location for the point of cardiac rescue.


Installation of defibrillators DEA DESA certified


Based on the regional regulations on DEA defibrillators, the analysis of the space to be cardioprotected and the reaction times according to areas with more or less density of people, we design a specific cardioprotection plan for that space.


Defibrillator installers throughout Spain


The most important thing is that access to locate the defibrillator is fast from any point of the space to be cardioprotected, having to reach the AED in a time of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes between going and returning to the victim.

Therefore, the installation and location of AED equipment in any cardioprotected space must be effective on time and in a way that meets all the requirements for cardioprotection of the highest quality and perfect coverage.

Once our professionals have chosen the perfect location to install the defibrillator, we begin the assembly by first placing the column, totem or display case with automatic call to 112.

Our defibrillators connected to the 4G internet are always supervised, detecting possible incidents or breakdowns in real time, which allows alerting the Neosalus technical service through a Neocontrol notice to resolve the incident. Installer of defibrillators connected with 4G / 5G internet connection.


Assembly and configuration of defibrillators connected with CardionLive 


We carry out AED defibrillator installations with online connection and registration of the equipment in the CardionLive app, including assembly, configuration of the Neocontrol communication module and activation of the defibrillator 3G / 4G line.

In case of use of the defibrillator equipment, when the display case is opened, the call is automatically made by the voice line to the emergency medical services of 112, with our connected defibrillators the incident is recorded in real time, notifying the owner of the cardio space protected and to the technical service of Neosalus for follow-up.

In the installation of cardiac rescue points, we include approved signage with the steps of the chain of survival that we must follow, as a reminder to act correctly in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Once we have installed the defibrillator in the location chosen by our installers; In all our defibrillator installations, we mark all the routes to the location of the AED or cardiac rescue point. AED signage using the approved signage for cardioprotected spaces, a signposting the location of the AED with the route to the cardiac rescue point.


DEA defibrillator installer throughout Spain


The importance of signaling the entire premises of the facilities with DEA ​​signage to guide anyone who could reach the cardiac rescue point in two minutes in an emergency and return to where the victim is.

In the face of a sudden cardiac arrest it is of great importance to have prior knowledge of how to act. Cardioprotection, in addition to the installation of defibrillators, should include training in BLS and use of the AED with which to increase the chances of survival.


Installation and activation of cardioprotected spaces with supervision of defibrillators


Finally, once the installation of the defibrillator with all the components of the cardioprotected space is finished, the equipment is activated in our Cardionlive app for supervision, only for defibrillators connected with Neocontrol, followed by the delivery of the certificate of cardioprotected space with its corresponding identification plate.

At Neosalus we offer the possibility of improving or updating your DESA defibrillator installation, incorporating any accessory such as a showcase, signage, totem, subsidized face-to-face courses, recycling CPR courses; For more information on the installation of defibrillators, do not hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

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