Renting cardiac rescue points

Renting cardioprotection with equipment, installation, maintenance and training

Heart Rescue Point

Heart Rescue Point

Renting cardiac rescue points for companies and entities, our CardioRenting includes everything necessary to comply with the regulations on semiautomatic and automatic external defibrillators.

The renting of cardiac rescue points for cardioprotected spaces is a comprehensive cardioprotection service that includes the installation of defibrillator equipment connected to the internet and all the components and peripherals, cardiac rescue points with 3G/4G connectivity with which to be completely sure of the state defibrillator use.

The installation of the DEA showcase and all the signage is included together with the training of the company's workers in CPR techniques and the use of the DEA defibrillator. Our CardioRenting includes spare parts due to use or expiration of electrode and battery patches.


Renting DEA cardiac rescue point, renting of external defibrillators.


Neosalus cardiac rescue points have an automatic call to 112 emergencies, 3G/4G internet connection, real-time defibrillator monitoring, civil liability insurance, vandalism insurance and technical assistance 365 days a year. All equipment included in a comfortable monthly fee.


Renting of connected cardiac rescue points


The renting of cardiac rescue points is the ideal formula for cardioprotecting public and private spaces. Our renting plans for cardioprotecting spaces are a long-term rental contract with a fixed monthly fee that includes all the expenses associated with the availability of the equipment, to its use and maintenance of the AED defibrillator. 

Cardiac rescue point rental plan for spaces without the need for an internet connection, a cardioprotection plan with a comfortable monthly fee and no initial investment, a long-term rental of a cardiac rescue point with a portable defibrillator, including maintenance and training for its use.

Depending on which spaces we want to cardioprotect our comprehensive cardioprotection plan for Cardiac rescue points include 24-hour connectivity and monitoring of the defibrillator equipment, a showcase for AED protection, with the possibility of installing a cardiac rescue column or totem, DEA signage, the 112 emergency automatic call device when opening the defibrillator showcase, DEA registration, with civil liability insurance of 3 million euros, mandatory equipment in some autonomous communities.

Our renting of cardiac rescue points is a cardioprotection plan that has the "DEA anywhere" option in spaces where there is no electricity, isolated spaces without the possibility of an electrical outlet.


Monitoring of defibrillators connected to the internet Cardionline app


The AED with our Neocontrol with all the necessary devices to comply with the regulations, including 3G/4G connection, real-time defibrillator monitoring using the CARDIONLIVE app, online incident detection, AED spare parts, equipment maintenance, change of unlimited batteries and pads/electrodes.


Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and DEA 365 monitoring. Renting offers for permanent cardioprotection.

Purchase a cardiac rescue point without entry with a monthly fee that includes everything necessary to comply with the regulations. Once the cardiac rescue point leasing contract expires, decide if you want to renew the equipment for another model or just hire maintenance.

What does our CardioRenting of cardiac rescue points include?


Our renting of cardiac rescue points includes the complete and approved defibrillator with adult / pediatric patches + battery, includes the totem / display case, the defibrillator with connectivity, signage, insurance, maintenance and spare parts included, device with transport bag.

At Neosalus we offer advice on the management of registrations and registration of defibrillators in the Autonomous Community to which it belongs, the renting defibrillator has a course approved by the Autonomous Community for 8 people face-to-face in the company or entity and subsidized by FUNDAEThey will also be able to access an online course for the rest of the workers (Unlimited), defibrillator renting with civil liability insurance of 3 million euros.


Characteristics of the renting automatic external defibrillator

The automatic portable defibrillator that we include in our rental of cardiac rescue points is the Heartsine Samaritan PAD 350P defibrillator, a defibrillator device chosen for its technical characteristics, innovation and easy handling. Heartsine is a manufacturer of DEA & DESA defibrillators with its own technologies and great international recognition throughout the medical sector.


Cardioprotected spaces with AED defibrillators and CPR training


The defibrillator supplied has visualizations and light and voice indications, it is a portable cardioverter equipment with CE marking. The defibrillators of our CardioRenting with adult and pediatric patches are unlimited, the defibrillator patches with total support for improved CPR, indicating through voice messages if the compressions are correct or if it is necessary to press harder.

The rental DEA included has a color measurement bar to check the compressions on the screen, this defibrillator equipment adjusts the discharge to the patient's impedance, discharges more Joules if the person is an adult and fewer Joules if the person is a minor.

The defibrillator supplied with our defibrillator rental has an intelligent pediatric function, a long-lasting 5-year battery. With our CardioRenting we include a First Responder Kit with scissors included.


Defibrillators connected to 3G/4G internet


If you are looking for a specific defibrillator, access our catalog of external defibrillators, where you will find the best sellers on the market, write to us requesting information or ask us your questions about models and technical characteristics of defibrillators.


Renting of cardiac rescue points with maintenance and training


Our renting of Gold cardiac rescue points is the one that includes all the expenses derived from the purchase of the equipment, installation, supervision, maintenance of the defibrillator and all its cardioprotected space, including the training of the personnel and according to the regulations of the autonomous community to the one that belongs

The revisions of the cardiac rescue point are included in our CardioRenting offer, we remember that it also includes all the consumables, original spare parts and the maintenance of the DEA / DESA defibrillator, without expenses added to your monthly fee.

Services included in the renting of cardiac rescue points: 

  1. All the necessary cardioprotection equipment with installation included.
  2. Assistance and maintenance of the medical device, with replacement of necessary accessories and spare parts.
  3. Expiration control of consumables.
  4. AED 3G/4G connectivity >> status monitoring.
  5. Visit of our technicians during incident detected.
  6. Change of batteries and unlimited patches by use or expiration.
  7. Checking of all signage and showcase. Software update if necessary.
  8. Sending a mandatory clinical report in case of use.
  9. In case of use of the DEA, we send a replacement defibrillator while we extract the stored data from the DEA used during a PCR, to send them to the health department.
  10. Control of expiration, both batteries and patches included in the renting.

We are aware of the safety that must prevail in this type of electro-medical equipment, which must be in optimal conditions for use. Thanks to our infrastructures, we allow ourselves to offer you DEA maintenance with the highest quality standards on the market at a national level, all to comply with the regulations of your respective community without causing the slightest disturbance in your daily activity.


Renting of defibrillators and cardiac rescue points


Profitability in costs when acquiring a renting cardiac rescue point


If we consider that the renting of cardiac rescue points includes in the fee all the necessary services to cardioprotect a space and we compare it with the costs of purchasing a defibrillator, with all the costs of maintenance, insurance and the expiration of batteries, patches and electrodes in the same term that we want to contract the renting, we obtain savings in favor of the defibrillator renting compared to the direct purchase.

According to the manufacturer of the defibrillator equipment, this saving is due to the discounts that Neosalus obtains when negotiating large volumes of purchases and services with our suppliers, which translate into savings in the fees for our clients.

Our Cardio Renting offers you advantages in the management of your cardioprotection and tax deductions, a concept that includes bonuses and tax deductions for your defibrillator/s with our DEA defibrillator leasing.

Our CardioRenting of DEA & DESA defibrillators has the best conditions you can find in all of Spain. 

This comprehensive cardioprotection service includes all expenses associated with the use and maintenance of the defibrillator, it does not require an initial investment, with a fully deductible monthly fee. Thus you have greater liquidity, without fixed or unforeseen expenses related to the defibrillator. A fixed monthly fee without assuming the depreciation of the device. All our rental contracts have a personalized attention service 24/7.

If what you are looking for is to cardioprotect a public or private space, we offer you the comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces with all the devices and procedures, an all-inclusive service according to the regulations of your autonomous community.

Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and DEA 365 monitoring. Renting offers for permanent cardioprotection.

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