DEA & DESA external defibrillator rental

Offers Cardiorenting Neosalus with all included

Rental of cardioprotection equipment

Defibrillator Renting


Renting of DEA and DESA defibrillators for companies, entities and individuals; with our CardioRenting Basic includes everything you need to comply with the regulations on semiautomatic and automatic external defibrillators in your Autonomous Community.

Our CardioRenting is a comprehensive cardioprotection service that includes an AED SAM 350P or 360P defibrillator with/without internet connection through a 3G, 4G or 5G connection. 

Our DEA DESA leasing includes the installation of the showcase or in its place the DEA Neocontrol with all the signage. Our defibrillator equipment has an automatic call to the telephone number 112 for medical emergencies, an automatic call in case of using the defibrillator just by opening the display case or the Neocontrol. The equipment includes the 3G / 4G communication module and the CardionLive App.


Renting defibrillators with internet connection

neocontrol is a cardioprotection solution developed by Neosalus intended to monitor AED equipment, which allows connectivity solutions for AED equipment, with the Neocontrol options with long-lasting batteries and AED temperature control for spaces with sub-zero temperatures.

Our CardioRenting includes civil liability insurance, vandalism insurance and technical assistance 365 days a year. All the necessary cardioprotection equipment is included in a comfortable monthly fee with which to comply with the regulations on DEA defibrillators of your Autonomous Community.

Renting of defibrillators with Neocontrol


Defibrillator leasing is the ideal formula for cardioprotecting public and private spaces, Our space cardioprotection plan is a long-term rental contract with a fixed monthly fee that includes the installation of the equipment and the expenses associated with the availability of all the necessary equipment, its use and maintenance of the defibrillator equipment.


Monitoring of defibrillators connected to the internet Cardionline app

Our defibrillator leasing with Neocontrol is the only comprehensive cardioprotection plan on the market that includes defibrillators with 3G, 4G or 5G connectivity, with supervision of the defibrillator equipment 365 days a year, automatic incident detection and real-time communication
, an extra protection against blows that makes it ideal to withstand impacts; a showcase for the protection of the DEA has an IP65, instead our Neocontrol has an IP67 specification against impacts.

Our DEA Neocontrol rental with IP67 protection and incident detection ensures the perfect functioning of cardioprotection even under the harshest conditions.

With our Neocontrol and the CardionLive defibrillator App, we can locate, monitor the status and, in the case, detect an anomaly in the defibrillator early with the supervision of Neocontrol, and thus initiate the appropriate corrective measures to repair the equipment.


Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and DEA 365 monitoring. Renting offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT


More extended details about our renting DEA DESA

Our offer includes defibrillator revisions with original spare parts for a perfect conservation of the DEA / DESA equipment, all without expenses added to your monthly fee.

Services included in our defibrillator rental: 

  1. Assistance and maintenance of the medical device, with replacement of necessary accessories and spare parts.
  2. Expiration control of consumables and batteries.
  3. DEA 3G/4G /5G connectivity >> status monitoring with Neocontrol.
  4. Visit of our technicians during incident detected.
  5. Change of batteries and unlimited patches by use or expiration.
  6. Neocontrol check, all signage and showcase.
  7. AED software/firmware update if necessary.
  8. Sending a mandatory clinical report in case of use.
  9. If necessary due to the use of the DEA, we send a replacement defibrillator while we extract the stored data from the DEA used during a PCR, to send them to the health department.
  10. Control of incidents and breakdowns of the defibrillator.

Renting of DEA and DESA external defibrillators in Spain.

What else does our DEA DESA Neosalus rental include?


In our renting cardioprotection plan we include 24-hour technical assistance and advice on discharge management and registration of defibrillators in the Autonomous Community to which you belong, the renting plan includes a free online course approved by the Autonomous Community, we have 100% subsidized face-to-face courses given for the company.

We help you during the initial registration of the DEA in the health department of your Autonomous Community; We offer you a technical support team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For the management of the data stored by the defibrillator during use in a Cardio Respiratory Arrest (PCR) it will depend on the defibrillator equipment.

The peace of mind of fully complying with the regulations on external defibrillators of your Autonomous Community. In the event of any incident with Neocontrol, we inform you of the problem in real time and we resolve it without causing the slightest disruption to your office.

Samaritan 350P / 360P Defibrillator Features

The automatic and semiautomatic portable defibrillator recommended and included in our renting is the Heartsine Samaritan PAD 350P / 360P defibrillator, these two defibrillators are very similar, the only difference is that the Samaritan PAD 350P is semiautomatic and the 360P is automatic.

These external defibrillation devices are recommended for their technical characteristics, innovation and easy handling.. Heartsine is a number 1 manufacturer of DEA & DESA defibrillators with its own innovative technologies and great international recognition throughout the medical sector.

The Samaritan PAD 350P defibrillator from our CardioRenting, has visualizations and light and voice indications, it is a portable cardioverter equipment with CE marking. The defibrillators of our CardioRenting+ have adult and pediatric patches.

The Samaritan PAD 350P has a color measurement bar to check the compressions on the screen, this defibrillator equipment adjusts the discharge to the patient's impedance, discharges more Joules if the person is an adult and less Joules if the person is a minor.


Defibrillators connected to 3G/4G internet


If the location of the defibrillator is going to be mobile and it does not have an electrical installation, Neocontrol has an accessory with a 4-year battery life, request more information about portable connected defibrillators with a long-life battery.

If you need a specific defibrillator model, access our catalog of external defibrillators, where you will find recommendations and the best sellers on the market, write us requesting more information or ask us your questions about which defibrillator fits your needs, we always make the best defibrillator recommendation for technical characteristics and maintenance in environmental conditions.


AED defibrillators connected 3G, 4G and 5G


This comprehensive cardioprotection service does not require an initial investment, with a fully deductible monthly fee, you have cardioprotection and greater liquidity, without extra or unforeseen expenses related to the defibrillator.


Profitability in costs when acquiring a renting defibrillator


If we consider that the rental of defibrillators includes in the fee all the necessary services to cardioprotect a space and we compare it with the costs of purchasing a defibrillator such as the internet connection through line registration, with all maintenance costs, CSR insurance and the expiration of batteries, patches / electrodes, including the expenses of the management and supervision of the DEA equipment in the same period that we want to hire the renting, we obtain savings in favor of renting the defibrillator compared to direct purchase.


Renting portable defibrillators


A fixed monthly fee without assuming the depreciation of the devices in the cardioprotected space. All our rental contracts have a 24/7 personalized attention service for any incident.

The defibrillator with Neocontrol with real-time supervision through our App for Cardionlive defibrillators, allows intelligent maintenance of the defibrillator, reducing the company's CO2 emissions due to supervisory trips that are mandatory by law, along with the traceability of technical maintenance reviews of the defibrillator.

If what you are looking for is to cardioprotect a public or private space and not worry about the management of defibrillators with the supervision and maintenance of DEA DESA equipment, At Neosalus we offer you a comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces with all the devices and procedures, an all-inclusive service for defibrillators with which to comply with the regulations of your Autonomous Community, having all the supervised equipment in perfect condition at all times.


Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and DEA 365 monitoring. Renting offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT