DEA and DESA external defibrillator rental

Cardioprotection rental Neosalus with service throughout Spain

DEA DESA defibrillator rental

Defibrillators for rent


The rental of external defibrillators for months or for the season, a modality with which to cardioprotect spaces and facilities temporarily with a comfortable monthly fee and with everything included.

Renting DEA DESA defibrillators is the best option for companies and individuals who need temporary cardioprotection for a limited period of time and do not want to enter into the purchase or a commitment of many years. For cases of cardioprotection for periods of more than 3 years, we always recommend the option of rental of AED defibrillators with a lower monthly fee.

We design a comprehensive cardioprotection plan in accordance with the regulations of your autonomous community and with the requirements of EU health products, a service with all the guarantees of cardioprotection without the need to buy a defibrillator and all the necessary devices for a cardioprotected space.

We offer totally new and reconditioned portable defibrillation equipment rental services, monitored, revised and always in perfect condition for use.


All-inclusive rental defibrillator


The prices for renting an external defibrillator start at €35 per month for each DEA ​​device. With our defibrillator rental service we include absolutely everything necessary to comply with the regulations.

The defibrillator rental is the ideal formula to cardioprotect seasonal or monthly spaces, an excellent form of cardioprotection for crowded spaces, campsites, swimming pools, ski slopes, beaches, events, leisure, music festivals, sporting events, patron saint festivities, congresses , etc..


DEA defibrillator rental for swimming pools and outdoor spaces.


Our AED defibrillator rental is a contract for a short period of time that after completion can be renewed or canceled until you need cardioprotection again, with a fixed monthly fee that includes all expenses associated with the use and maintenance of the defibrillator, an excellent cardioprotection formula with monthly billing.

This DEA equipment leasing service includes civil liability insurance of 3 million euros specifically for DEA defibrillators; In the event of an accident or vandalism, you have an insurance that covers these possible incidents of the defibrillator, Our defibrillator rental also includes spare parts for use of the defibrillator, maintenance in the event of any incident, battery change and patches / electrodes. In cases of failure, if necessary, another defibrillator is sent urgently, while the rental contract lasts you will have a defibrillator in perfect conditions for use 365 days a day.


How much does it cost to rent a defibrillator?


Defibrillator rental for months or season

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment for rent with 24-hour maintenance, training and supervision of the DEA defibrillator.


35 € / month



45 € / month


All-inclusive defibrillator rental

Our cardioprotection service includes the AED HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P / 360P / 500P complete with patches for adult and pediatric use, the product is delivered with the batteries in perfect state of charge, the software always updated and fully revised.

We manage for you the registrations and registrations of the DEA DESA defibrillator in the health department of the Autonomous Community to which you belong, either by use or registration of the DEA DESA; We make available to all our lessors an online course on the use of the defibrillator, theft or vandalism insurance is also included in the rental price.

Our cardioprotection offer includes the following equipment and services:

  1. Samaritan DEA SAM 350P / DESA SAM 360P defibrillator range.
  2. With or without Neocontrol, 3G / 4G connection, defibrillator supervised in real time.
  3. Official ILCOR billboard and signage.
  4. Approved showcase / Neocontrol + Vinyl.
  5. Connection to the emergency service 112/061.
  6. Training in the use of the approved defibrillator according to regional regulations.
  7. Help in the registration of defibrillators in your autonomous community according to regulations.
  8. Full service maintenance: management and remote control of expiration dates, corrective and preventive maintenance.
  9. Management of procedures and post-use reports of the defibrillator (includes courtesy defibrillator while the AED used is updated).
  10. Unlimited change of Consumables (Battery and Electrodes).
  11. Pediatric and adult electrode patches.
  12. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation kit.
  13. Civil liability insurance of €3.000.000
  14. Defibrillator theft insurance.
  15. Basic life support training and online AED included.

DEA DESA defibrillator rental for cardioprotected beaches


Characteristics of our range of defibrillators for rent


The portable external defibrillators that we include in the rental modality are the HeartSine Samaritan 350P and 360P defibrillators due to their technical characteristics, innovation and easy handling. We recommend the full range of AED and DESA defibrillators from HeartSine for cardioprotection, a manufacturer of external defibrillators with its own technologies and international recognition throughout the medical sector.

The Samaritan PAD 350P complies with the new regulations for medical devices marked in 2021 by the European Union, complying with the CE Marking in addition to being approved by the FDA, the most demanding international standards. Many defibrillators outside the European continent or the USA do not have both certifications.


Defibrillators recommended for companies and individuals


Neosalus has chosen the Heartsine Samaritan PAD 350P / 360P / 500P defibrillator as recommended defibrillators for companies and individuals; all of them with electrodes with a built-in pressure sensor that indicates to the rescuer in real time the pressure that is exerted on the victim's thorax to reach the depth of 5 to 6 centimeters for each compression.

It is important to achieve the depth of chest compressions since it will allow a quality cardiac massage to circulate blood throughout the body, mainly to the brain and organs, thus avoiding neurological sequelae.


AED defibrillators for rent, neosalus cardioprotection solutions



External defibrillators for rent with connection and supervision


The peace of mind of having a pool of DEA DESA external defibrillators connected via 3G / 4G with our Neocontrol. Supervision of defibrillator equipment anomalies in real time, together with a computerized expiration control of consumables. The security of having everything under control with our Cardionlive app with which to monitor traceability of both the maintenance and the status of the defibrillator equipment in real time, traceability of the recycling of spare parts as marked by the manufacturer Heartsine.

Having a defibrillator in perfect condition, well located and accessible, meeting a maximum response time of 4 minutes makes the cardioprotection service much more effective.

The repair, revision and supervision of defibrillators included in the rent:

  1. Assistance and maintenance, complete overhaul with replacement of necessary accessories.
  2. Expiration control of consumables with traceability.
  3. DEA installation included, SIM connection cost included,
  4. DEA supervision in real time with Neocontrol via 3G / 4G.
  5. I send courtesy defibrillator equipment in case of use or maintenance.
  6. Annual visit of our technicians, validation of the cardioprotected space (for rent of more than 1 year)).
  7. Software update if necessary according to the European Resuscitation Council.
  8. Unlimited change of batteries and patches by use or expiration.
  9. Includes Civil Liability insurance of 3 million euros, specific for defibrillators.
  10. Includes accident insurance, vandalism or theft.


Rental of 3G and 4G connected defibrillators, AED defibrillator with Neocontrol


Cost effectiveness of a rental defibrillator vs. purchase


If we consider that the rental of DEA defibrillators includes in the fee all the equipment and services necessary for cardioprotect a space during a season or a period of time from 6 to 12 months and we compare it with the costs of purchasing a defibrillator with all the costs of maintenance, insurance and the expiration of batteries, patches and electrodes, signage, management and registration, we obtain great savings in favor of defibrillator rental compared to direct purchase. Neosalus has a structure for the provision of services throughout Spain, all this translates into cost savings in the share of our clients.

Economic, fiscal and management advantages with our defibrillator rental

The rental fees are the same each month and include everything that the client may need such as material, service or training for the exact time that they need it. For those clients who cardioprotect a specific activity or facilities, they will know the exact cost linked to that activity without additional costs. Below we detail the main most notable advantages:

  1. The AED defibrillator rental includes all expenses associated with its use and maintenance.
  2. The fees are the same every month without surprises since they cover all damages or incidents.
  3. The monthly fee is tax deductible and in its entirety.
  4. It does not require initial investment. The Rental allows a fixed monthly fee without having to make an initial investment or increase the fixed assets of the company.
  5. A monthly fee without having to assume the depreciation of the defibrillation equipment.
  6. Legally, the ownership of the equipment belongs to a third party who is responsible for its maintenance, including consumables (batteries and electrodes) both due to expiration and use.
  7. Personalized attention 24/7.
  8. The technical service is responsible for extracting reports each time the defibrillator is used.
  9. We take care of accompanying you in post-sales advice in case of any doubt or query regarding your cardioprotection.
  10. Includes the display case to locate the defibrillator and improve its visibility.
  11. Includes online course in resuscitation and use of the AED for all members of your company or entity.
  12. Includes "full service" maintenance to have your cardiac rescue point always operational.

If what you are looking for is cardioprotection of a public or private space, we offer you a comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces with all the devices and procedures necessary to comply with the regulations, a comprehensive cardioprotection plan in the rental mode.


Defibrillator rental for months or season

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment for rent with 24-hour maintenance, training and supervision of the DEA defibrillator.