WRC display totem for DEA defibrillators

Protection and location of cardioprotection equipment

AED defibrillator totem

AED defibrillator totem


Each space and cardioprotected area has specific specifications and needs and for this reason, we adapt to the maximum, offering resistance, quality and protection for the internal defibrillator equipment.

Showcase for cardiac rescue point with maximum protection against bad weather, it has an audible alarm that alerts in case of opening. Resistant metal cabinets made of steel and painted with RAL 6032 anti-vandalism paint. Defibrillator cabinets for outdoors.

Our showcases with maximum IP55 protection, Neosalus cabinets have a high range of protection against water and dust, metal cabinets for interiors and exteriors to guarantee optimal conservation of the defibrillator at all times.