nagi water intercom

intercoms for swimmers

Swimmer and coach intercom while swimming in the pool



Nagi is a state-of-the-art digital system that connects swimmers with lifeguards. Thanks to the technology of Nagi, it is possible to know in real time, the place where both are and the activity that is being carried out at all times.

The swimsmart records your exercise in the water and enjoy swimming, swimsmart is designed and intended for the swimmer, offering an authentic and unique experience before exercising. At the end of the session, it receives and provides the exercise data in real time thanks to the nagi tag technology. Can you ask for more?

The swimsafe designed to swim safely and calmly, the swimsafe offers a safety component to the product. This tablet app connects swimmers wearing nagi tags with lifeguards.

The app is the control center from where we see the position of each swimmer, the battery of the tags in use and the session history.

It also has alarms that notify the lifeguard of any swimmer in danger. This product is accompanied by a smartwatch to offer quality and comfort.