Defibrillators for companies, everything you need to know

Defibrillators for companies are important regardless of the business model or the activity carried out in your company, it is convenient to be able to guarantee your workers the necessary measures to obtain a safe work space.

This guarantee is included in the Prevention of Occupational Risks Law in article 14, which establishes that workers have the right to effective protection in terms of health at work. Despite this, regarding the installation of defibrillators there is no law that establishes a mandatory nature, however each CCAA can set its own regulations.

The installation of this equipment can offer added value for your company since it is an aspect that is increasingly valued among employees. With this, you not only offer them a safer environment, without or also show the importance of a company committed to social responsibility and cardioprotection.


Legal framework in defibrillators for companies

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most important health problems in Spain. Anyone without a previous pathology can suffer a cardiorespiratory event in their work environment naturally.

Early defibrillation is a fundamental element in assisting these types of deaths. That is why within the Ischemic Cardioprotection Strategies the need for a legal framework that determines the implementation and development of installation programs for this equipment in public and private places arises.

Due to the powers attributed to each autonomous community, each one of them has managed the regulation and use of external defibrillators by non-healthcare personnel. Thus, the Spanish map marks heterogeneity around the regulatory framework implemented in each Autonomous Community for the installation and use of automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators.

Operating requirements

All cardioprotection equipment that is installed must comply with the regulations set forth in Royal Decree 414/1996, which determines the regulations and requirements that must be met. Each CCAA will be the one that determines the control and inspection that said instruments must pass.

Equipment installation

In this framework, we find that there are autonomous communities that force the installation of this equipment in public and private places, others, on the other hand, only mark it as a recommendation. The places where these cardioprotection equipment will be placed will depend on the regulatory framework of each community in which it is established: the square meters that the space should have, the inhabitants that the region should have, among other parameters.

Authorized personnel for its use

The authorized personnel for the use of AEDs will be established by each autonomous community. Each of these establishes who will be the people who are in possession of the minimum knowledge for the use of this material.

Maintenance Guarantees

Regarding the maintenance guarantees , on the one hand, we have that each CCAA must establish its own inspection and control mechanism for this equipment to guarantee that they comply with the Royal Decree regulations.

On the other hand, each body that carries out the installation (whether public or private) will be responsible for ensuring its maintenance and conservation based on the instructions established by each manufacturer.

Notification procedures

The notification regime for the installation of defibrillators will require the following aspects:

  • Notification and registration of the installation of DEAs.
  • Visible signage of your facility and its rules of use.
  • Provision of devices that allow an immediate connection with the health services of the corresponding region.
  • Post-event notification systems to the corresponding health authorities.


Defibrillators for companies, download your Protection Guide

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