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Neosalus Galicia

At Neosalus Galicia, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive cardioprotection services throughout the Galician region. Our range of services covers from installation to maintenance and repair of defibrillator equipment external automatic (DEA) and semi-automatic (DESA). Additionally, we provide specialized first aid training through our renowned academy.

We offer flexible hiring options, including defibrillators renting for those spaces that require a long-term cardioprotection solution, as well as the possibility of rent defibrillators for cardiac protection of facilities on a temporary or seasonal basis.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT


We provide tailored solutions in cardioprotection for companies, institutions and individuals, guaranteeing full compliance with the current legislation regarding defibrillators established by the Xunta de Galicia.

If you are looking to implement cardioprotection measures in your business, infrastructure, offices, home, educational center, office, property, warehouse, lodging, nursing home, residential community or any other place, at Neosalus Madrid we put at your disposal our specialization in defibrillators DEA and DESA, along with our comprehensive cardiac protection services.

Our services in La Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra.

Neosalus stands out as an entity dedicated to cardioprotection in various environments, providing a wide range of services. This includes renting and rental options for defibrillators, in addition to their installation, maintenance and technical assistance for repairs. We complement our offer with first aid courses certified by the Xunta de Galicia.

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Defibrillator installation
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Technical service

DEA defibrillator company in Galicia.

In Galicia, we have a team of professionals specialized in the installation of AED and AED devices, along with instructors trained in Basic Life Support and the proper use of defibrillators. We have a group of technicians in charge of maintaining and repairing this equipment, who collaborate closely with our administrative area and general management.

Neosalus Galicia y León is made up of an outstanding team, equipped with extensive experience in protecting spaces through cardioprotection and with in-depth knowledge of defibrillators, standing out for their proactive approach and capacity for empathy.

As leaders in the provision of AED defibrillators in Galicia, we are characterized by the high degree of satisfaction of our customers, achieved thanks to the quality of our defibrillator installations and their continuous maintenance, supported by the Xunta de Galicia.

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First aid academy authorized by the Xunta de Galicia.

Our training center is approved by the Xunta de Galicia to provide training in Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator. In addition, we organize training courses for BLS+AED instructors, we offer Advanced Life Support courses, CPR retraining and AED use, as well as in-person and online courses, always custom designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Below, we offer a list of municipalities and provincial capitals where Neosalus provides its services. If your municipality is not in this directory, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can provide you with our services with the same commitment and quality:

Andalusian provinces and towns where we provide service: Coruña, A, Santiago de Compostela, Ferrol, Narón, Oleiros, Arteixo, Ames, Carballo, Culleredo, Ribeira, Boiro, Teo, Vigo, Pontevedra, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Redondela, Cangas, Marín, Ponteareas, O Porriño, Lalín, A Estrada, Moaña, Allariz, Amoeiro, A Arnoia, Plane, Baltar, Bande, Baños de Molgas, Barbadás, Barco de Valdeorras, Beade, Abadín, Alfoz, Antas de Ulla, Baleira, Baralla, Barreiros, Becerreá, Begonte, Bóveda and Burela .