How to use an AED with children?


Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are machines that deliver a controlled electrical shock through electrodes. The aim is that the cardiac arrhythmia that causes cardiorespiratory arrest is reverted to a normal rhythm. Its use is very simple and safe, and it can be used by non-medical personnel with minimal training.

Knowing how an AED works can save lives if we are facing cardiac arrest. That is why today we are talking about the operation of AEDs in children, since the steps to follow may vary with respect to adults.

How should we act?

When performing BLS (basic life support), we will use the same sequence as in adults, taking into account that when performing compressions, they must compress a third of the thoracic diameter and that when ventilating, we will breathe air until we see raise the thorax.

In reference to the electrodes that we must use, we can use adult electrodes in children under 8 years of age but in younger children (between 1-8 years) we should use pediatric electrodes. In babies under one year of age, we will only use an AED if the manufacturer recommends it.

Although the operation is easy to follow, when it comes to children, extreme care should be taken and above all, immediately contact the medical emergencies.

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