We collaborate with the Lleida City Council with the educational project “Children saving lives at school”

For the third consecutive year, and together with the Lleida City Council, between the months of October and February we will carry out a free training action “Children saving lives at school” for fourth grade students from different schools in the city of Lleida . Some 260 students from 5 different schools will carry out … Read more

Basic Life Support (BLS)

We will perform the Basic Life Support maneuvers in every patient who is in cardiorespiratory arrest. To make them more effective, we will follow the following sequence of action:   Guarantee the security We will approach the victim ensuring that there are no dangers, such as vehicle traffic, debris, …   Check if the victim … Read more

The Chain of Survival in first aid

Persona ejerciendo Cadena de Supervivéncia en primeros Auxilios

What is a Chain of Survival in first aid? The Chain of Survival refers to a series of steps to follow when faced with a victim who is suffering from a health emergency situation, such as a heart attack or cardiorespiratory arrest. The application of this series of actions is also called Basic Life Support … Read more