The importance of having a cardioprotected space in your company


Why have a cardioprotected space Nowadays, more and more companies prioritize the health of their workers and create cardioprotected spaces both in work areas and in common areas of the company. Including this decision within the company’s policies will help reduce the high numbers of workplace accidents that can be contracted by cardiovascular diseases. It … Read more

The importance of working in a cardioprotected space


We spend a large part of our time working. There are millions of tasks to perform in a multitude of different jobs, without forgetting that work stress among male and female workers is increasing, as is sedentary lifestyle related to work activity, unbridled hours, coordinated jobs, insufficient rest and the hours in front of the … Read more

Noise and air pollution can lead to cardiovascular disease

There are several risk factors that influence a person’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease . Among them are other diseases such as cholesterol or obesity, in addition to smoking or stress. Many times, the effects that stress causes on people’s health are not taken into account, specifically, on how it affects cardiovascular health. But the … Read more

Regulations for cardioprotected public spaces

Regional legislation, together with increasing people’s awareness and the ease of use of defibrillators, is favoring the development of cardioprotected public spaces . Currently, there are already seven autonomous communities in which their installation and correct maintenance is mandatory to guarantee the proper functioning and conservation of automatic external defibrillators (AED) and semi-automatic (DESA) outside … Read more

Esparreguera becomes a cardioprotected city

The installation of 9 defibrillators in different parts of the city of Esparreguera, makes it a new cardioprotected city. The Esparreguera City Council has installed 9 defibrillators in different municipal facilities of the city. The installation of defibrillators, together with training in the use of them for different municipal workers and citizens, have allowed Esparreguera … Read more

El Sitjar de Liñola school gets a free defibrillator

The El Sitjar school in Liño has obtained the defibrillator thanks to its participation in the Cardiofree program. With this crowdfunding program it is possible to obtain, through the sale of solidarity bracelets, the money necessary for a defibrillator, its maintenance and the necessary training to use it. Thanks to the involvement of the school … Read more

The Senderista March of the Bajo Segre de la Granja de Escarp will be Cardioprotected

The ninth Senderista March of the Bajo Segre de la Granja de Escarp, which will be held this year on Sunday, March 26, is a classic in the Poniente hiking calendar. This year it will have 3 defibrillators to protect its route.   There are four routes ranging from 6 to 24 kilometers: GREEN ROUTE: … Read more

Oliana Off Road cardioprotected race

The race carried out by the Moto Club Segre, Oliana Off Road, which is already a benchmark in the world of enduro, will be safer with the installation of defibrillators along the route Oliana Off Road will have eleven defibrillators this year, nine of them mobile, thus making the race cardioprotected. This pioneering action in … Read more