Defibrillators for companies, everything you need to know


Defibrillators for companies are important regardless of the business model or the activity carried out in your company, it is convenient to be able to guarantee your workers the necessary measures to obtain a safe work space. This guarantee is included in the Prevention of Occupational Risks Law in article 14, which establishes that workers … Read more

The importance of working in a cardioprotected space


We spend a large part of our time working. There are millions of tasks to perform in a multitude of different jobs, without forgetting that work stress among male and female workers is increasing, as is sedentary lifestyle related to work activity, unbridled hours, coordinated jobs, insufficient rest and the hours in front of the … Read more

Warning symptoms of heart problems

The heart is the organ that is in charge of pumping the blood that carries oxygen to all the cells of the body. Heart disease affects the functioning of this organ, but unlike cardiovascular disease, heart disease is only related to the heart and blood vessels. The most common cause of heart disease is narrowing … Read more

When should I go to the cardiologist?

Factors to take into account If you have had chest pain for a few days and an acquaintance has assured you that you could have a heart problem, you should take into account some aspects that take on weight in these situations. What symptoms should make us visit the cardiologist? Shortness of breath (dyspnea): This … Read more

Cardiovascular risks to avoid

When we talk about cardiovascular risk we must bear in mind that it largely falls on us, our habits and customs so that our cardiovascular health is optimal. It should be said that there is always a% that is not in our hands like now, heart diseases and ailments and our genetics. However, approximately 80% … Read more