Cardioprotection of communities with DEA ​​& DESA defibrillators

Defibrillators for home or your community with installation, maintenance and training

Rescue points for neighboring communities

Community Cardiac Rescue

A community cardiac rescue point is a place that provides cardioprotection to all households in the community, having a community defibrillator team increases the chances of survival of a...
Rent your defibrillator for home and individuals

Defibrillator for home

More and more homes are cardioprotected with a home defibrillator; The domestic defibrillator allows cardioprotection of our habitual residence and all our displacements as it is an autonomous device...
Cardioprotection company experts in cardioprotected spaces with defibrillator installation services, maintenance and repair of AED equipment. Certified first aid academy with Basic Life Support courses and use of the defibrillator, 100% subsidized training.

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