Certification of cardioprotected hotels

DEA defibrillators and CPR training in tourist accommodation

Cardioprotected hotels against sudden death

cardioprotected hotels


Certification of cardioprotected accommodation and hotels with a certificate of compliance with the regulations on DEA defibrillators of your autonomous community in your workplace.

Our comprehensive cardioprotection plan for hotels consists of a defibrillators renting and all the components, which includes the certification of cardioprotected spaces.

This certification as a safe cardio hotel includes everything necessary to cardioprotect hotels against sudden death, implementing a specific comprehensive cardioprotection plan for work spaces.


Certification of cardioprotected hotels


In our hotel cardioprotection plan, we design a detailed map with the locations of the cardiac rescue points, taking into account the travel times and location of the AED between the accident site and the location of the cardiac rescue point, in order to reduce arrival times to the defibrillator to less than 2 minutes, added to the 2 minutes of return to the victim, with a maximum time of 4 minutes from the start of cardiopulmonary arrest until, if necessary, apply the AED shock.


Cardioprotected hotels with AED defibrillators and CPR training


The certification as a cardioprotected hotel includes the approved installation of the defibrillator or the cardiac rescue point, DEA signage covering the entire hotel premises with the shortest marked route for the location of the defibrillator.

El maintenance of DEA DESA defibrillators in the hotel It consists of preventive and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance is one that we carry out periodically to keep the defibrillator equipment in perfect conditions for use.

Our Neocontrol for intelligent maintenance of AED defibrillators, performs defibrillator supervision functions in real time and 365 days a year, prematurely detecting external incidents or anomalies in cardioprotection equipment.


Cardioprotection plan for the hotel with CPR training and use of the AED


To be a certified cardioprotected hotel, it is mandatory to have staff trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques, a training course in first aid with which to calmly and effectively deal with cardiopulmonary arrest.

Our basic life support course and use of defibrillator It is a training approved in all the autonomous communities and is subsidized by Fundae. The maneuvering practices and the AED use course are always taught with the same defibrillator installed in the hotel.