Cardionlive: an intelligent system that controls public defibrillators in real time

Use It and Neosalus, of the Catalonia de la Generalitat accelerator in Lleida, have partnered to create Cardionlive , which will market a new system that allows real-time management of defibrillators located in public spaces.

Cardionlive works through an application on the computer or on a smartphone and allows, in the first place, to have proof of the number of defibrillators installed in public spaces, information not currently available, according to those responsible of the project.

The system automatically notifies the emergency services when the door of the defibrillator cabinet is opened, and in case it is due to vandalism, it takes pictures and activates the GPS, thanks to a small appliance that is installed in the showcase. With regard to maintenance, remotely controls the temperature to ensure the correct operation of the defibrillator and sends automatic notifications to those responsible for the device and to its distributors informing about expired consumables and depleted batteries . The Cardionlive system, which works with all brands of defibrillators , also keeps the list of people associated with each device who have received training to use it updated, and automatically sends them a reminder when they must renew this training .

According to the CEO of Neosalus, Rafa Ramírez, “this market is growing a lot, for example, 25% of public defibrillators are expired , and it is calculated that the maintenance of these devices would generate business opportunities in Europe worth more than 25 million “. As Ramírez explains, “in Spain there are about 15,000 public defibrillators, while in the United Kingdom there are about 90,000”, so he assures that “we still have a long way to go to grow.”

Use It, with 9 workers, offers a comprehensive service to companies to access digital environments, while Neosalus, which has a team of 8 people, is dedicated to the distribution and maintenance of defibrillators. The companies met last year, when they entered the Catalan Government’s Start-up accelerator in Lleida to accelerate their sales, increase turnover, find financing and advance their internationalization processes.

For the CEO of Use It, Àlex Surroca, “the two companies wanted to evolve and change the business model: we had very good harmony and the same vision”. “We share knowledge, Use It in digital business and Neosalus , in the medical field “, he emphasizes.

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