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Neosalus Cardioprotection

Neosalus is going to be a project to save lives from severe death, it may be a heart saver for anyone who is human.


Neosalus cardiac lifesaver

Our mission was to save vines

The cardiac lifesaver is the sum of AED equipment and BLS training that begins in schools with practical courses on CPR maneuvers.


Spain cardioprotegits

Experts in cardioprotegits countries

Company despais cardioprotegits with certification, regulatory compliance, installation, comprehensive cardioprotection.



Neosalus teu cardiac lifesaver

Our mission is as a company dedicated to cardioprotection of countries and to save vines by ensuring the chain of survival.However, it is important to make the entire population aware of the vital importance of having a cardiac rescue point and being trained in CPR techniques and the use of the AED, as it may be your cardiac rescuer.
Neosalus saves vines and women in a sustainable way with respect to the environment, Neosalus as a cardiac lifesaver with commitments to life and ecology, boosting the circular economy by recycling components, repairing and developing technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of cardioprotection, creating fewer displacements for ineffective maintenance and incidents with better control of the team and the best service. Reduced the carbon footprint of cardioprotection for thousands of companies in Spain.

Cardioprotection of Spain

Our comprehensive cardioprotection service includes the installation of cardiac rescue points, defibrillator maintenance, recanvis, BLS courses and defibrillator use.

Neosalus Delegations

Neosalus delegations to Spain, we offer services to all the autonomous communities, as a company of defibrillators and training authorized by the health departments.

Defibrillators connectats


The intelligent maintenance of both defibrillators AED and AED connectats, is to have the security of the perfect status of your AED equipment and the maintenance traçabilitat at all times, with all the defibrillators connectats 3G / 4G is included a plan of maintenance with all the repairs of adhesives, electricity and batteries, following their use or expiration date. A maintenance plan that complies with the regulations of the autonomous community.
Supervision of the AED defibrillator in real time, at any time, with the option for a country without electrical installation and batteries with a duration of 4 years. For the climate control of the defibrillator, Neocontrol has the Neoclima option to keep the AED temperature stable.

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