NEO display case for AED defibrillators

Protection and location of cardioprotection equipment

NEO display case for DEA defibrillators DESA

Display case for AED defibrillators


Iron display cases for AED defibrillators, CE marked display cases for the protection of the defibrillator equipment under the harshest conditions. Neosalus manufactures our display cases with IP55.

Neosalus showcases for cardioprotection, resistant with supports manufactured in ferro coated with RAL 6032 paint and a stainless steel front, which provides maximum protection to the defibrillator.

Our display cases for defibrillators have European CE marking and all of our display cases have this marking, guaranteeing the best quality and durability. The NEO display cases offer maximum IP55 protection, our display cases have both a high range of protection against water and IP55.

Senyalització DEA and the stickers on the display case indicate the presence of the defibrillator on two of the three visible sides. On the front side there are also the steps to follow in case of emergency. This front sticker can be personalized with the corresponding logo.

The NEO display case also includes a 50x60 cm sign to be installed on the wall that indicates the presence of the defibrillator and shows the chain of survival.

Measurements of the NEO display case: 37 cm (wall height) / 31 cm (port height) / 38 cm wide x 17 cm long.