WRC showcase totem for AED defibrillators

Protection and location of cardioprotection equipment

Totem for AED defibrillator

Totem for AED defibrillator


WRC display totem for AED and AED defibrillator equipment, totem for protection and signaling of the cardiac rescue point, totem display with sound alerts, audible alarm device that alerts in case of opening.

Totem for defibrillators with 3G/4G connection and Cardionlive, this display case supports the functions of the Cardionlive management software for monitoring the status of the defibrillator equipment.

Display case with maximum IP55 protection, our WRC totem display cases include a high range of protection against water and IP55 classification.

Metal totem for cardiac rescue points, resistant totems made of steel and painted with anti-vandal paint RAL 6032. Totem specially designed for exterior and interior spaces.