Nagi aquatic intercom

Intercomunidades per a nedadors

Swimmer and trainer intercom between you and the pool



Nagi It is a digital pointer system that connects swimmers to lifeguards. Thanks to the technology of Nagi, it is possible to know in real time, the cry is troben all two and lactivitat that is realitzant at all moment.

The swimsmart records your exercise during the water and gaudeix nedant, swimsmart is designed and thought for the swimmer, offering an authentic and unique exercience experience. At the end of the session, rep provides the exercise data at real time thanks to nagi tag technology. Can I demand more?

The swimsafe is designed to help you swim safely and calmly, the swimsafe offers a safety component to the product. This application for a tablet connects the nedadors that have a nagi tag with the first responders.

The app is the control center for viewing the position of each swimmer, the battery of the current tags and the session history.

The more complete both alarms are to notify the lifeguard of any dangerous swimmer. This product comes with a smartwatch to offer quality and comfort.