Cardiac Lifesaver

DEA defibrillators that save vines

Neosalus may be the heart's lifesaver from death to the vital space, with the best quality defibrillator.


DEA Defibrillator Equipment DESA

Neosalus defibrillators

Neosalus recommends HeartSine's Samaritan PAD defibrillators for maximum effectiveness, measurement and ease of use.


Defibrillators connectats

Neosalus Innovation

Development of devices for cardioprotection, development of solutions for AED equipment, supervision of status of defibrillators connected.

Defibrillators per month or season

Traveler with AED & AED defibrillators for months or seasons, take a portable AED to cardioprotect campsites, swimming pools, hotels, ski resorts. The best price for defibrillators in a single monthly fee.

Compliance with the defibrillator regulations of your autonomous community.

DEA amb tot in a comfortable monthly fee without economical investment.

Includes maintenance, insurance, recanvis, training and replacement.

Customer service 365.


Seasonal AED defibrillators convertible

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for the convertible defibrillator equipment with maintenance, training and supervision of the AED defibrillator 24 hours a day.

Defibrillators Converter

35 € / month

DEA sense connected

Defibrillators Converter

45 € / month

connectable defibrillator

Catalog of defibrillators

Our catalog includes all models of DEA and DESA defibrillators, preus defibrillators and technical characteristics.

Rènting of AED defibrillators

We have comprehensive permanent cardioprotection plans for defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and AED 365 monitoring.


35 € / month

AED offline

Cardiorenting +

45 € / month

connected defibrillator

Defibrillators connectats

The intelligent maintenance of AED and AED defibrillators, the security of the perfect status of your AED equipment at all times, with all the defibrillators connected 3G / 4G is included a maintenance plan for all the repairs of the electrodes stickers i battery, continue with the rest or due to the expiration of the materials. A maintenance plan that complies with the regulations of the autonomous community.
Supervision of the AED defibrillator in real time, at any time, with the option for a country without electrical installation and batteries with a duration of 4 years. For the climate control of the defibrillator, Neocontrol has the Neoclima option to keep the AED temperature stable.

Defibrillator for home, communities and companies

Defibrillators for home, community of neighbors, companies or entities. Convertible cardioprotection solutions, renting and purchasing.

Community Cardiac Rescue

A community cardiac rescue point is a community that provides cardioprotection to all members of the community, providing a...

defibrillator for home

Each pair is cardioprotegeixen with a defibrillator at home; The domestic defibrillator allows the cardioprotection of our...