Cardiac Rescue Point for Vein Communities

Comprehensive cardioprotection to all-inclusive residential buildings

Rescue Points for Vein Communities

Community Cardiac Rescue


A community cardiac rescue point is a community that provides cardioprotection to all members of the community, having a community defibrillator equipment increases the chances of survival of a person who has just suffered a cardiac arrest.

Whether it is due to an accident or some cardiac illness, the chances of suffering a cardiac arrest are statistically significantly higher due to the amount of time spent at home. Having a defibrillator in the neighborhood is an economical solution for permanent cardioprotection.

Cardioprotected communities with cardiac rescue tips

Accidents on the other hand can be fatal, sometimes they can be serious and end up triggering cardiopulmonary arrest, so having a community cardiac rescue point is of vital importance.

80% of all accidents involving children occur at home, according to the WHO. The population groups most likely to have an accident at home are children, elderly people and housewives. Statistics indicate that 70% of cardiopulmonary arrests have fatalities, 50% of the cases of death are witnessed.


Community defibrillators in community pools


In Spain, 80% of deaths due to cardiopulmonary arrest have to go home, 30.000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests plus 20.000 hospital deaths. More deaths from cardiorespiratory arrest occur at home than in hospitals, there is a moment of doubt when considering purchasing an AED defibrillator for the community.

Cardiac Rescue for Vein Communities with BLS Training and AED Maintenance

An AED defibrillator is the only electromedical device capable of reversing a sustained cardiac arrest and resynchronizing the chaotic rhythm of the heart during a CPR, so having a community AED device within 2 minutes is vital to increase the possibilities. of survival and/or reducing the possibilities of causing neurological consequences.

BLS training along with the practice of CPR maneuvers and knowing how to use an external defibrillator AED will be of great help in reducing resuscitation times and restoring breathing and breathing.

Our cardioprotection plan for vehicular communities includes everything necessary to comply with the AED defibrillator regulations of the new autonomous community.


Defibrillators for Vein Communities


The important thing before a cardiac arrest caused by someone in the community is to start the protocol of action with the call to 112 and to start with the best possible resuscitation maneuvers for the victim. It is important to note that the training of external defibrillators (AED) is easy to use, they are intelligent, in every person during the resuscitation process and save lives.


External defibrillator AED for a community of residents


The defibrillators in communities of veïns cardioprotect all the people who reside in the building for a medical care. We have offers of external defibrillators for rental and rental of defibrillators for neighborhood communities.

Quality CPR is vital to reduce the possibility of brain damage, defibrillation is the first determining factor for the victim's survival, Every minute that passes the victim's chances of survival decrease by 10%.


Bonus courses for two people practicing CPR maneuvers and using the AED defibrillator


We have courses for communities with bonuses for Fundae, courses with practical CPR maneuvers and the use of the defibrillator installed in the community. Carrying out this Basic Vital Support training and the use of defibrillators in all the buildings' buildings reinforces the cardioprotection of all the people who live in the building.


AED defibrillator for vein communities


Our CPR course and the use of the defibrillator installed in the community have the main mission of reducing the reaction time and nervousness of the veïns before an episode of cardiopulmonary arrest. The AED defibrillator is also capable of guiding us as soon as we open the defibrillator cover.

When performing cardiopulmonary arrest or CPR at the same time, it is of great help to have clear concepts, knowing the CPR maneuvers helps reduce resuscitation times. This prior CPR training prevents possible brain damage due to blood loss in the cervell.


AED defibrillators connected to vehicular communities

Our cardioprotection plan for children's communities consists of a portable defibrillation device for pediatric and adult patients. Our defibrillator equipment is connected and supervised 365 days a day, including the cardiac rescue punt rental which includes all the necessary expenses for acquisition, management and maintenance.


Rènting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and monitoring DEA 365. Rental offers for permanent cardioprotection.


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