Cardioprotection of companies with cardiac rescue points

Installation and maintenance of cardioprotects and BLS training

Cardiac rescue point for companies with Samaritan PAD 350P/360P defibrillator

Cardiac Rescue Point


A cardiac rescue point for the company is a system that provides cardioprotection to all countries. Having a defibrillator device can greatly increase the chances of survival of an employee or company who has just suffered a cardiac arrest.

Whether due to an accident or any cardiac illness, the possibilities of having a cardiac arrest subject to the company are statistically very high due to the amount of time spent working, adding to the specific risks of each industrial activity. Having a defibrillator at the company is a permanent cardioprotection solution.

Cardioprotected companies with cardiac rescue tips

Accidents in the workplace can be serious or minor and end up triggering cardiopulmonary arrest, so having a cardiac rescue point at the office is of vital importance.

In Spain, 33% of female deaths are due to cardiopulmonary arrest, with more deaths due to female cardiorespiratory arrest than due to any other cause., it feels a little difficult to consider purchasing an AED defibrillator for the company.

Cardiac rescue for companies with BLS training and AED maintenance

An AED defibrillator is the only electromedical device capable of reversing a sustained cardiac arrest and resynchronizing the chaotic rhythm of the heart during a CPR, but having an AED device in the office within 2 minutes is vital to increase the possibilities of survival and/or reducing the possibilities of causing neurological consequences.

BLS training along with the practice of CPR maneuvers and knowing how to use an external defibrillator AED will be of great help in reducing resuscitation times and restoring breathing and breathing.

Our cardioprotection plan for company buildings and logistics centers includes everything necessary to comply with the AED defibrillator regulations of the new autonomous community.


Cardioprotection of companies, offices and industrial buildings


The important thing before a cardiac arrest suffered by any worker, visitor or client is to start the protocol with the call to 112 and to start the most efficient resuscitation maneuvers on the victim to replace vital functions.


Rental of cardiac rescue devices DEA DESA


It is important to note that the training of external defibrillators (AED) is easy to use, they are intelligent, in every person during the resuscitation process and save lives.

Quality CPR is vital to reduce the possibility of brain damage, defibrillation is the first determining factor for the victim's survival, Every minute that passes the victim's chances of survival decrease by 10%.


Bonus courses for companies with CPR maneuvers and AED use


We provide first aid courses for small, medium and large companies, subsidized courses for Fundae, which include training on practical CPR maneuvers and the use of the defibrillator installed in the company.

Carrying out this training in Basic Vital Support and the use of defibrillators to all workers in the building or facilities reinforces the cardioprotection of all people in the company, reinforcing the CSR of the brand.

Our CPR course and the use of the installed defibrillator in the office, home or facility, have the main mission of reducing the reaction time and nervousness of workers before an episode of cardiopulmonary arrest. Shavering CPR maneuvers helps reduce resuscitation times. This prior CPR training largely avoids possible brain damage due to blood loss in the cervell.


DEA defibrillators connectats to companies

Our cardioprotection plan for companies consists of a portable defibrillation device for pediatric and adult patients. Our defibrillator equipment is connected and supervised 365 days a day, including the cardiac rescue punt rental which includes all the necessary expenses for acquisition, management and maintenance.


Rènting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and monitoring DEA 365. Rental offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT