Certification of cardioprotected installations

Sports installations with AED defibrillators and CPR training

Certification of cardioprotected sports installations

Cardioprotected installations


Certification of cardioprotected sports installations with certification of the compliment of the regulations on AED defibrillators of the Autonomous Community to your work environment.

Our comprehensive cardioprotection plan for sports facilities consists of a renting of defibrillators and all the components, which include the certification of cardioprotect countries.

This certification as a safe cardio sports facility includes all that is necessary to cardioprotect sports facilities from death, implanting a comprehensive cardioprotection plan specifically for training countries.


Certification of cardioprotected sports installations


In our cardioprotection plan for sports facilities, we design a detailed plan for the locations of the cardiac rescue points, including the travel times and location of the AED between the accident location and the location of the AED. cardiac rescue point, in order to reduce the arrival time to the defibrillator to less than 2 minutes, add to the 2 minutes of the tornado to the victim, with a maximum time of 4 minutes from when the cardiopulmonary arrest begins, so that in If necessary, the AED discharge is applied.


Sports facilities, cardioprotects, defibrillators and training


The certification of a cardioprotected sports facility includes the approved facility of the defibrillator or cardiac rescue point, the AED seal covers the entire premises of the sports facility along the shortest marked route to the location of the defibrillator.

El maintenance of the DEA defibrillators DESA of the sports facility It consists of preventive maintenance and also correction, preventive maintenance is that which is carried out periodically to keep the defibrillator equipment in perfect condition.

Our Neocontrol per al intelligent maintenance of AED defibrillators, performs the monitoring functions of the defibrillator in real time and 365 days, prematurely detecting external incidents or anomalies of the cardioprotection equipment.


Cardioprotection plan for the sports facility with CPR training and use of the AED


As a certified cardio-protected sports facility, it is mandatory to provide staff with training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques, a first aid training course that calmly and effectively handles cardiopulmonary arrest.

Our basic life support courses and defibrillator usage It is a training approved by all autonomous communities and is subsidized by Fundae. The maneuver practices and the AED use course are always taught with the defibrillator equipment installed at the sports facility.