About Cardiac Sobtat (PCS)

What is a PCS or cardiac arrest?

About Cardiac Sobtat (PCS)


L'atur cardiac sobtat (PCS) happens without warning, and when it happens, it can be devastating. Qualsevol can cause cardiac arrest at any moment in time.

PCS can affect anyone, regardless of age, race or sex; PCS can affect both children and adults.

The pure and simple truth is that each and every one of six million people at the same time has a PCS. With a survival rate of men and women of zinc per cent, PCS causes more deaths than sinus cancer, lung cancer, AIDS and cervell-vascular accidents together. In general, PCS passes successfully and without warning, and 84% of PCS episodes occur outside of medical care centers.

In case of PCS, the response time is critical. A study by the American Heart Association shows that for every minute that the defibrillation process continues, the victim's chances of survival decrease by six percent. After 10 minutes, the survival rate is null. Keep in mind that the response time of ambulances is generally more than 10 minutes, the best option for survival is at the hands of the people present.

Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) can be used by people without training to increase the probability of surviving a PCS to 75% for a rescue that can save the patient's life during the first few minutes after the incident. 'atur. These portable devices can sometimes be found in public buildings, such as shopping centers, golf courses, businesses, airports, casinos, convention centers, hotels, sports facilities and schools. However, these AEDs are not available at all.