Do you know what you should have at home?

Home pharmacy with defibrillator

Do you know what you should have at home?


Avui rescuem a news from La Vanguardia on explains that you must have your domestic first aid kit.

Domestic accidents can be: tall children, child falls, cremains, a fort refredat... All cases require having your own medical dispensary, a reduced version of professional sanitary material to be able to deal with these small accidents.

"A pharmacy can be any cabinet, box or suitcase that can contain the medications and the necessary sanitary material to be able to care for and alleviate minor discomforts, symptoms of illness or minor disorders, under the necessary conditions," explain the pharmacists Carme Capdevila, Maria Estrada i Mireia Massot to the website of the Col·legi de Farmacèutics de Barcelona (COFB) to the article esmentat.

The farmhouse must be protected from light and in an airy environment without excessive humidity. Remember that it must always be in stock and out of stock for children.

The pharmacy must have three types of products: medications, health supplies and emergency phones.

The medications we need to take to the pharmacy are to disinfect fevers (alcohol, oxygenated water, iodine...), analgesics, antipyretics, laxants, antidiarrheics, antitussives, mucolytics, expectorants and antiacids. In short, drugs that serve to alleviate specific pain, intestinal and stomach problems, colds and infections.

The sanitary material is cotton, sterile gas compresses, elastic veins, adhesive tape, scarring tires, rodon tip tissors, tweezers, thermometer and disinfectant apòsits. They are products that are basically used when they are broken or twisted. Materials that you need to buy a cup have been cleaned and disinfected the injury and always around the nets.

Finally, it is important to have more emergency telephone numbers corresponding to each autonomous community, as well as references to toxicological information centers (in cases of ingesting toxic and aggressive products under the law, for example).

It is essential that all of these products are in good condition and are not expired. Medications should be kept in the original packaging with the package insert for future reference. It would also be a good idea to check the expiration dates of the pharmacy for a few days and at a minimum, and bring the expired products to the pharmacy.