What is cardiac arrest and how to detect it?

What is cardiopulmonary arrest?

What is cardiac arrest and how to detect it?


Quan parlem d'una cardiac arrest It refers to a sudden loss of blood and coneixement that is caused by a significant failure of the body's ability to effectively pump blood to the cervix and the rest of the body.

Això tends to be caused mainly by fatal rhythms resulting from anomalies to the electrical system of the heart.

First of all, the person who is suffering from cardiac arrest loses his or her ability to breathe. It is important to keep in mind that when we need to provide help we need try to restore the natural function of the heart perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

If the sick person is not immediately treated, it is possible that this cardiac arrest could lead to death. Adequate and prompt medical attention increases the possibility of survival.


Causes of cardiac arrest


Els causes per les quals es potentially causing cardiac arrest There can be several factors that affect the health of the patient and the various previous pathologies.

The main heart rate that is produced at the time of cardiac arrest is an arrhythmia in the lower chamber of the heart. The electrical impulses that are produced are rapid and erratic and cause the ventricle to vibrate uselessly while pumping blood, which would be the ideal function.

A prolonged cardiac arrest can occur in people who have not previously had cardiac ailments. However, there are differences cardiac disorders that can trigger severe cardiac arrest.


Risk factors for cardiac arrest


Els cardiac aturities As it is related to coronary artery disease, these two factors can also produce the risk of suffering from severe cardiac arrest. Some of the factors could be: smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol, among others.

other factors that can also affect They may have had pre-existing cardiac arrest episodes or have a family history of having had some episode. They may also affect a personal or family history of other heart diseases such as heart rhythm disorders, congenital heart defects, or heart failure.

It is important to keep in mind that the bad nutrition can be a decisive factor. Having a diet with an alt contingut in saturated fats and not fer cap esport can favor the appearance of these cardiac episodes.

Els apnees of the are They also tend to favor as a determining factor leading to cardiac arrest.


How to prevent the risks of severe cardiac arrest


La Basic prevention is the one that can be carried out a caring mateix. Això includes, abandoning the habit of smoking if possible, maintaining a healthy diet, doing regular physical exercise and eating a healthy diet low in saturated fats and high in fruits and vegetables (it is recommended that at least 5 fish per day) .

Making periodic visits to your doctor and following your instructions when starting treatment for diabetes or blood pressure can also help minimize these risks.


Difference between a heart attack and a heart attack


A heart attack is the same as a heart attack. This organ is the one that is responsible for pumping the blood because it can reach all the cells, distributing oxygen to all the cells. When there is a cardiac arrest, the heart can continue to flow, but the blood does not reach the heart correctly.

A cardiac arrest in canvi, causes the lungs to stop functioning and the rhythm of the heart beats to be altered causing arrhythmias.