What are cardioprotect countries?

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What is a cardioprotegit spai?

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What are cardioprotegits or cardio safe countries? A cardioprotegit space is a delimited area between the installation of a defibrillator together with all the equipment necessary to reverse a cardiorespiratory arrest in less than 5 minutes.

The most important thing for being a cardioprotective team is that it must be equipped with a external defibrillator (AED/AED), a display case to protect the defibrillator modified to 112, and the AED signal approved both which correctly signal the shortest route to the location of the defibrillator.

A certified cardioassurance center must also have an automatic 112 emergency call device, civil liability and vandalism insurance, defibrillator management and most importantly, carry out a basic life support course and use of the defibrillator beforehand. DEA DESA to the equipment of any person who works or resides in this space.

The cardioprotection equipment and first aid training include the technical maintenance service of the cardioprotect space to ensure the perfect functioning status of the defibrillators 365 days a day.

In some countries it is recommended to have a civil liability insurance of up to €2.000.000 and a theft or vandalism insurance, together with the rest of the registration requirements necessary to comply with the regulations of the autonomous community to which you belong.


Cardiac rescue point of a cardioprotegit space


Neosalus is an authorized installation company for cardioprotects in all Spain, experts in the installation of DESA DEA defibrillators and the maintenance of public and private cardioprotects, installation and management of defibrillators for companies. , individuals, entities, municipalities, soccer clubs, hotels, etc.

In summary, the objective of a cardioprotective space is to have all the necessary electromedical equipment and train human personnel in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques, so that they can deal with cardiorespiratory arrest effectively. In case of a cardiac emergency, keep The chain of survival is of vital importance for the survival of the victim.

Public and private cardioprotection countries serve as reminders so that we remain more aware of our health and require preventive measures to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers, or understand what the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest are so we can perform them. early first aid.


Characteristics of cardioprotect countries


A cardioprotegit space is a place that has a cardiac rescue point and certain measures have been established to protect the life and cardiac safety of people who work, transit or visit this space.

The cardioprotect areas with the cardiac rescue points distributed throughout the perimeter, must be within 2 minutes of each point, these cardiac rescue points with the DESA DEA defibrillators are the most effective measure for a Possible consequences of severe cardiorespiratory arrest.

Remember that after a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes reduces the chances of survival by 10%, and 5 minutes are the safety limit so as not to suffer neurological consequences and die.

The cardioprotection countries, apart from the defibrillators and all the necessary devices, may also contain educational material and infographics that help inform people about what is happening in a situation of cardiac arrest, useful information for people without training in life support. DESA DEA USE.

There are regulations on AED defibrillators that require the installation of defibrillators in countries with a high influx of people; Faced with the fact that every day more people are aware of the importance of cardioprotect in public and private spaces due to the death suffered, and acquire a defibrillator to cardioprotect people, companies or entities.


Cardiac rescue point convertible for cardioprotegits countries


The AED signs must clearly indicate the cardiac rescue points of the cardioprotegit space, with both approved AED signs. The signaling of a cardioprotected area is essential to ensure that the people who are involved are able to connect with the potential controls and safety protocols associated with this cardioprotected area.


What requirements must a cardioprotegit espai meet to be approved?


Because a cardioprotegit spai follows homologation, it must be certified by a company authorized by the autonomous community to which the location belongs, in these countries, according to the defibrillator regulations, they must comply with a series of requirements that must be complied with.

Check here the regulations on external defibrillators DESA DEA from the autonomous community, all the details and details about the requirements and the obligation to install an external defibrillator.

These requirements include the approval of the spa, which means that it has been considered suitable to provide emergency assistance in the event of cardiac arrest.

All cardioprotect countries must be clearly marked and labeled with signs that indicate the finality and alert people who are found in an area and are available for emergency medical assistance if necessary. All of these requirements must be met by both cardioprotegit spai certificate perquè s'aprovi com a tal.

Neosalus is an authorized certification company for cardioprotects in all the autonomous communities of Spain, updating your installation of defibrillators to comply with the regulations and obtain certification for cardioprotects.

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