What is a pediatric defibrillator?

pediatric defibrillators

What is a pediatric defibrillator?


Els pediatric defibrillators They are devices capable of administering an electrical shock to the heart through the thoracic wall. They consist of integrated sensors that are responsible for analyzing the person's heart rate to determine when the defibrillation is performed and to administer the shock at the appropriate power and time.

These devices have the ability to restore heart rate normal to a patient who has just had a heart attack. Keep in mind that it is estimated that approximately between 500 and 1000 people die per day from a heart attack, but it is important not only that the health workers provide the necessary training but also that they help the current people, thanks to this it is rotten. arrive to save many vines.


How do pediatric defibrillators work?

Els pediatric defibrillators They have the functional mateix that they are used by adults, however, their use is recommended for children older than 8 years. There is also the possibility of using an adult machine with pediatric children under 8 years of age.

First of all, you have to start with mouth-to-mouth and cardiac massage, in the event that the baby begins to breathe, pose the baby and three glues to connect them. Please ensure that the stickers are connected to the machine. Next, a cop placed the stickers on the neon, follow the instructions given when donating the defibrillator: remove the paper that protects the adhesives and place them at the top right side of the neon pit and also at the bottom right side.


Pediatric defibrillators, everything you need to know


Before starting the download, it is recommended to stay away from the nen to ensure that it does not repeat the current type. The defibrillator will analyze the heart of the affected person and based on this, it will determine the moment and the power of the shock. It is always advisable to carefully monitor the follow-up messages that come from the machine to know at all times in which process resuscitation is being carried out.


How to know if the download is recommanded?


In case the discharge is done for a long time, the machine will begin to charge, so it is recommended that no one should touch the neon. A copy is made to locate the stickers first and the button when the machine is indicated.

Continue with cardiac massages and mouth-to-mouth breathing until the machine tells you to stop. It will be the machine itself that constantly analyzes the situation of the nen to evaluate it.

If the machine indicates that it is not recommended, the discharge should continue with mouth-to-mouth breathing and cardiac massages until the machine indicates that it stops.


Characteristics of pediatric defibrillators


La main characteristic of pediatric pegats These are the measurements of the stickers, the recommended measurements for children are 4,5 cm in diameter for children weighing less than 10 kg and those of 8 to 12 cm in diameter correspond to those who weigh more than 10 kg.

For those cases in which the neon remains less than 8 years, it is recommended to use defibrillators with energy dose attenuator, to be more sure that the discharge is carried out correctly to the neon.

Keep in mind that most defibrillators come with adult stickers pre-connected to the machine, but there are some models that have a separate switch that indicates the Adult/Pediatric mode, which causes the console to attenuated the energy for discharge.


Pegats per a pediatric defibrillators


The modes will depend on the weight and color of the light. In the case of infants under any age, the use of power dimmers is acceptable in cases where there is no alternative available. In children from 1 to 8 years old, pediatric stickers will be used and, if not available, adult stickers will be used. Finally, in children older than 8 years, depending on the person, it is possible to use an AED with attached devices for adults.

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