What is an automatic external defibrillator?

Samaritan PAD 360P automatic external defibrillators

What is an automatic external defibrillator?


Un automatic defibrillator It is a cardioprotection device that allows you to save vines. Each cop is more important to connect the operation, as they help to intervene in emergency situations. These medical equipment are portable and carry and manage electrical discharges that automatically reverse cardiorespiratory arrests.

Automatic external defibrillator, everything you need to know

These electro medical equipment that detects a cardiac rhythm that requires electric power to be executed automatically after warning with per-view indications. These discharges are carried out through the thoracic wall, including sensors integrated with adhesives that are responsible for analyzing the heart rate and establishing when defibrillation is necessary and the level to be applied. .

Automatic defibrillators can be used by non-authorized medical personnel as they are a very simple device that indicates the steps to follow per person. However, it is important to have some basic notions about what you are doing.

Why is a defibrillator used for?

In Spain it is estimated that one death occurs every 20 minutes, however, it is important that both public and private companies have defibrillators to be able to act in an emergency. These devices are essential to the chain of survival to reverse cardiorespiratory arrest.

Els defibrillators serve to restore a malignant arrhythmia in a patient who has just had a heart attack. These electrodes allow you to analyze the person's heart rate and, based on this, administer a discharge or another to restore it and return it to normal.

How do automatic defibrillators work?

Els defibrillators have simple operation This allows them to serve any person without prior training. Tot i això, it is recommended to have a first aid course from Vital Basic Support to know how to use the AED and increase the possibility of survival of the victim.

The automatic defibrillators analyze and restore the patient's heart rate through adhesive electrodes. The defibrillator computer sends a warning to the operator about the possible shock.

A cop is in CPR position (mirant cap amunt), the AED is connected to the victim with electrical adhesion placed according to the indications that insert the defibrillator sheath into a cop l'obrim. The device records the electrocardiogram and identifies the cardiac rhythms using the glues located in the pit and determines the electrical discharge to the heart.

When to use an automatic defibrillator?

Els automatic defibrillators They are to be used on unconscious victims who are not breathing or who are not breathing normally. These will encourage you to give instructions per view to the questions regarding how to apply the electrodes on the patient. They will also inform you about the charge that will apply.

It is important not to touch the victim while being analyzed or discharged to prevent the person offering help from being harmed.

Which coixinets to use?

Face that all the others DEA are available more for use in adults There are also pediatric pallets that modify the intensity of the discharge and adapt them for children. Electrodes for adults can begin to be used in children over 8 years of age.

It is also possible to use the electrodes for adults in children under 8 years of age, but if they have to use them in a different way than those indicated for the defibrillator, it is recommended to put one in the pit and another in the box because I didn't get in touch.

Offer cardioprotection

The importance of arrange cardioprotects Each time is bigger, but now, it is important that all organizations and countries have a automatic defibrillator.

Morts sobtades happen in an obvious way and we do not know at what moment we can find out one. These equipment are increasingly in demand, allowing them to offer cardioprotection in both public and private areas.