When should I go to the cardiologist?

Symptoms of cardiac malalties

When should I go to the cardiologist?


Factors to take into account

If you carry a few times both pain to the pit and a conegut you have to be sure that you could have some problem so you have to take into account some aspects that are important in these situations.

What symptoms should you visit the cardiologist?

  • Shortness of breath (dyspnea): This feeling of sadness can be related to different illnesses and anxiety. Tot i això, the difficulty in breathing can be related to a heart problem as it is linked to the fact that the thing requires breathing quickly because this is trobi as if you perform an act of significant wear and tear, faced with the fact that the person who did it followed an action that It does not require great physical effort.

  • Turmells inflats: Of course, it is possible to inflate the turmells for different reasons and it does not mean that it implies a heart attack, but how do I need to quickly see a metge? In cases where, in addition to the inflorescence, there is an increase in the dimensions of the abdomen or a lack of air. Ultimately, if the inflorescence is affected by an envermelliment of the skin, an increase in the temperature of the area and a sensation of pain, I must report it to my health center as quickly as possible.

  • Pain to the pit. The fet de patir-ho does not imply that it was still caused by a heart attack, since it could be caused by other factors: stress, problems with the aorta vein, pneumonies, etc. It may be related to a heart attack when: – The pain is quite intense. – The intensity of the pain decreases if we rest. – The pain sensation is located in the center of the pit. – The pain does not go away. – We feel like vomiting or going to the toilet.

  • Feel palpitations. Feeling palpitations may have pain in a situation without risk as in others than if in tinguin. However, you may have to go to a hospital or call an ambulance when they arrive at 150 beats per minute, when your palpitations remain irregular and when this sensation of weakness is accompanied by dizziness or shortness of breath.

Other aspects to assess

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, there are also three indicators that indicate why you should go to a hospital or medical center when you are faced with no pain:

  • Family history of infarction. If you have immediate family members who have died from a heart attack before the age of 55, or have had a death related to the family, it is recommended to visit a doctor from a young age.

  • bad habits. If we are smokers, have an unhealthy diet, are obese, lead a sedentary lifestyle or consume alcohol regularly, this also increases the risk of suffering from any heart problems.

  • High demand physical exercise. If you come from a sedentary life and want to start doing high-demand physical exercise or competition, you will need to go to a meeting to design a program to prepare your body before starting any new one.