Protocol PAS how to act?

Procol PAS Protegeix Avisa Socorre

Protocol PAS, how to act?


The PAS protocol is of vital importance when it comes to being clear about the steps I must follow when offering useful help to a victim.

What will I say? PAS is protect- warn- help. If you witness an accident involving another driver, you should always provide assistance to them. But before putting it into practice, we need to clarify the correct order of the actions that we have carried out over the course of the year.

It is also important that the person who rescues the victim is in a safe area and is not also the person who is exposed to cap perill.

It should also be noted that many times the seriousness of some traffic accidents leaves little room for maneuver to save the lives of the victims, so it is unfortunate not to be able to apply the steps that we will follow below, it is always necessary to notify them. serveis d'emergència.

PAS Protocol, steps to follow

First step, protect

Abans de res, the first that hem de fer is keep the situation calm at all times. If this happens, we must continue to park our vehicle in a non-disturbing area at a safe distance from the accident. It is important not to hinder traffic or block the path of emergency vehicles that come to help the victim.

If you are in an area with low visibility or when night has fallen, you must stop flashing 4 times to be visible to the rest of the passing vehicles.

When you proceed to get out of the vehicle, you must wear the reflector arm and position the emergency triangles. Això is recommendable to use them on those two-way roads (a davant and an other left-hand road must be placed) and, in the case of one-way roads, a left-hand road must be placed. vehicle.

The area must be well protected, otherwise the person trying to help the victim could also end up injured.

As soon as possible, notify

It is always recommended to leave home with a mobile device, regardless of the suit you are using. Això is allowed to notify before witnessing an accident.

Previously proceed to trick the toll-free telephone number 112, it is essential that it is faci a composition of the situation and the lloc on et trobes. A cop attends to the trick at the emergency service, he has to identify and inform whoever has passed. Detailing the information on and trobes will make it easier for the victim to attend.

You have to call the phone so that the following materials are used to indicate what you can think of, in case you ask to provide more information. If at any time the telephone connection is insufficient, they will try again from 112.

Third step, help

While the emergency services arrive, continue to remain calm at all times. If the accident is conscious, try to convey as much peace as possible.

As a general rule, it is not advisable for the ferits And, in the case that it is trobin sagnant, it would be recommended to avoid the injuries with drapes nets if you do not have a first aid pharmacy.

In any case, the most recommendable is that you continue to be caut i If you do not have medical advice or first aid, wait for them to arrive. d'emergència. You know that every time you decide, you can always call 112 again, but they will always advise you what to do.

Helping an injured person is an obligation

Providing assistance and requesting assistance to people in need is a moral obligation. I don't just say it, it's a debt of solidarity that all citizens have around them. Failure to comply is punishable by the Penal Code as a delicte, specifically parlem de delicte d'omissió del deure d'auxili.

This crime remains reflected in article 195 and it is alleged that anyone who does not help a person who is helpless and in peril, as they may have fet without risk of their own or of third parties, will be punished with a fine of three to two months.

En Neosalus We will help you to conèixer everything necessary so that you can provide useful help in case of emergency.